Some lovely mothers day gifts – Very lucky me! – March 2013

As many of you know it was Mothers day, here in the uk, on Sunday 10th March.

A few years ago my amazing sister sent me a mothers day card on behalf of my son as she knew I wasn’t going to get anything otherwise, but since then I’ve, obviously, not been able to celebrate it (Last year I did buy myself a gift but that’s hardly the same!)

So imagine how happy I was when the fiance got here a few days ago, the day he moved in in fact, with a beautiful gift bag with some mothers day gifts for me!

The Fiance and I both really enjoy the series ‘2 Broke Girls’ so this is a gift that will be fun for both of us. Also he told me he managed to get it from HMV so it was a super bargain – I know a lot of women wouldn’t like to know that their gift was a big bargain but I love bargains so much that I’m even happy if someone managed to get a gift for me as a bargain!

My other gift, which is a sort of plaque thingy (Can’t think of a better way to describe it) as you can see above, is just so lovely. I love the litle verse on it and it’s so sweet – I absolutely love the little trees and flowers on it too, so very cute, very not what the ‘old me’ would’ve liked but exactly the sort of thing that the ‘new me’ loves.

Such lovely thoughtful gifts from ‘the boy’ (Though a huge thank you to the fiance for helping him sort that out hehehe) – I’m a very very lucky lady, I’m sure you’ll agree

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