Some pics of the boy and I – March 2013

I used to have lots of photos of me with my boy, especially when he was little enough that he couldn’t run away. But now he’s just a bit of a pain to photograph, he often just says ‘No thank you, not today’ when I try to photograph him, otherwise the moment he sees the camera he wants to come and look at what’s on the screen… I’ve tried explaining he can’t see the photos until I’ve taken them but he’s a toddler, he knows best.

So, it was rather surprising when he let me take some photos of he and I together, the other day. I was make-up less (which I used to be in almost every photo of me, but I’m weird now), in my pyjamas and really rather poorly, but it’s photos of me with my gorgeous boy, I don’t care if I look rough.

Quite a normal photo….

Then he starts to giggle…

And then decides he’s shy, how cute is he!


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