The BigJigs Play Patrol

I’m absolutely thrilled to be writing to say that we’re through to the final stage of the application process to be on the BigJigs PlayPatrol!

Both the boy and I are massive fans of the BigJigs range – I absolutely love the toys that they produce, they’re wholesome, traditional and of the most wonderful quality. They are, honestly, some of the most played with toys in our home. As such it would be utterly wonderful if our little family becomes part of their PlayPatrol. But even if we don’t I am just so pleased that we managed to get through to this final stage; that our blog and our family has appealed to the lovely people at BigJigs enough that we’re in the final 12 out of over 100 entries.

Linked below is the BigJigs blog post which details all of this and show the other blogs that are through to the final 12. I think they all seem like fantastic blogs so it’s going to be really tough competition!

BigJigs Blog Post

Really, thank you again, to BigJigs toys for progressing us this far – It’s seems like the work I’m putting in to the blog is really paying off which is just such a great feeling.

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