The Walking Dead – General overview NO spoilers

Last week The Fiance and I watched the first series of ‘The Walking Dead’. He’d seen it before, more than once, but for me it was one of those series’ I really wanted to watch but hadn’t bothered until I knew I could watch them all in a row and not miss any. Which is why it was great when my best friend let us borrow the first series on dvd from him.

I really really enjoyed it. I used to watch  horror movies of all types a Lot but since I had The Boy I find it a little harder to watch these things; I’ve become more squemish and I worry too much about end of the world scenarios. But I’m not going to let that stop me watching the things I’ve always enjoyed, if anything it makes it better as I actually get a bit scared rather than being, seemingly, immune as I always used to be.

The Fiance is, as I have mentioned before, a massive zombie fan so this was bound to be a hit for him, and I can totally see why. The plot isn’t exactly dissimilar to others, how could it not be, there’s only so many end of the world zombie scenarios that could take place – But what makes this stand out is the little details, things which you don’t know are missing in other interpretations, but once you see them in this, you see how much they matter. Also, the fact that it’s a series rather than just a film, means that you can really get to know the characters and, obviously, in something like this it really helps; lets you empathise and makes you care so so much more. I won’t be saying anymore than that as I absolutely cannot stand reading spoilers and so will not be posting any.

We were supposed to be borrowing the second series from my best mate, but another friend of his borrowed it and hasn’t finished watching it yet. As it happened, just before my best mate visited the other weekend he ‘accidentally’ ordered series 1 and 2, and got them sent to my house, as they were only £18 on (though isn’t on there anymore, sorry!) – I say accidentally as he likes to pretend he didn’t do it on purpose. He’s a rather generous type and he knows we’re having money troubles, plus not being able to let us borrow the second series from him he wanted us to be able to watch it, so he decided it can be a ‘living together present’ – I’m pretty sure they don’t exist, but I was hardly able to argue the point.

So, we’re very very lucky, the boxset turned up today. We won’t be watching series 2 for a bit because The Fiance is rather glued to the X-box playing the new Bioshock game (no, I am not the type of girl that is bothered by that, he can play to his hearts content) But I cannot wait to watch it and find out what happens, even though I know it’ll have me really anxious and probably make me quite upset too – That’s what these things are meant to do, provoke emotion!

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