All’s quiet on the blogging front

I took a couple of days away from blogging over the weekend as it was the weekend that we get to spend with The fiance.

I sat down, this evening,  to start writing the 5 or 6 posts I have ready to write up, only to discover that my laptop charger seems to be broken.

My mum may have one around but it’s already getting late, after I spent an age ransacking my room to try and find an old cable of my own, so even if she finds one it’ll be unlikely that I’ll be posting before tomorrow and if she doesn’t have one then it’ll be a few days.

I have my tablet but I can’t properly format a blog post on there and I struggle to write much as it’s just less intuitive on the app than it is via the proper web page. Hopefully posts shall resume in the next few days, or by the end of the week at the latest, I’ll be overflowing with posts to do by then!

Edit– I am now on my rather old netbook. Not sure how well I’ll get along with typing up a blog on this teeny tiny keyboard, when I’m so out of practice, but maybe it’ll be worth giving a go. Thankfully this little beauty has Ubuntu (a nice and easy linux operating system) on it rather than the old OS that came installed on it so it might actually be usable. If it was still on the old OS I’d never have had a chance to blog on it!



  1. Kate Musgrove April 30, 2013 / 5:58 am

    I have had two chargers with my laptop including the one it came with that have broke. I am on my third, this is completely normal i think to break. If you look on amazon you will be able find a new one for less then a tenner.

    Kate – Sparkle Dust x

    • admin April 30, 2013 / 8:56 am

      Yes it is something that happens quite regularly with laptops.

      I will order another one if I need to but I haven't had a chance to check, yet, as I might not need to buy one if my mum has one in the attic not to mention that it may be fixable if I get a chance to check. So I don' want to waste money if it's avoidable.

      I managed to get my posts written up on my old netbook anyway so, thankfully, I'm not lost without a machine in the meantime. It's actually reminded me how much I love my netbook even though its super old, I'd forgotten I'd changed the os on it and it's been ages since I had a play with ubuntu so it's a decent silver lining xx

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