Beauty Expert Order – Paid for with Tesco points – Caudalie and REN

As I posted the other day, see HERE, I discovered that Tesco Clubcard points can be used to get voucher to spend at an online store called Beauty Expert (See my post from the other day, linked earlier, for more details regarding that)

I’d never heard of the site before, so was really pleased with how quickly my items came, they were also really nicely packaged.

So… here’s what I got with the £30 voucher I had (and an extra £2 that I paid via paypal)

So, let’s just clarify here. I had a bunch of old tesco clubcard points which I exchanged £15 worth of to get a £30 voucher for this website. The total of what I bought was £32… so other than the extra £2, I got the above items for FREE! And they’re such amazing things to have got too! 
This is the Caudalie ‘Must Have Set’ which was priced at £20 on this site (though pop it in to google to see what other prices could be) – It contains the Lip conditioner (4g), Hand and nail cream (30ml), Divine Oil (15ml), Beauty Elixir (30ml) and Make-Up Remover cleansing water (30ml) – I think this set is a fantastic value, the Beauty elixir alone is normally approximately £10 for the 30ml bottle, and the lip conditioner about £5.

I’ve been wanting to try the Beauty elixir for so so long and this just seemed to be the perfect way, as well as allowing me to try out a good number of their other items too. I’ve used the beauty elixir a few times and YES I understand why people love it! The lip conditioner is really nice and moisturizing and the other products smell lovely, though I’ve not used them properly yet.


REN is another brand that I’ve really wanted to try out, and I thought that one of these little kids would be a great way to give a few of the products a go. This is the kit for Combination Skin which I thought would be a safe bet, it contains T-zone balancing day fluid (15ml), Mayblossom T-zone control cleansing gel (25ml) and Invisible pores detox mask (15ml). 
I’ve not tried any of these products yet, but this little set was priced at £12, which I think is a great price for being able to try things out before you decide whether or not to go for the full sized products. Who knows if I’ll be able to buy the full sized versions even if I love them, but never mind, at least I’ll have tried them!

I’m just amazed at what I was able to get with just some clubcard points. Goes to show it’s worth checking these things out from time to time! Definitely expect to see these items popping up in posts from time to time.

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