Been a little absent

Well, I’ve not posted a blog in about five days. That feels a bit weird seeing as I’ve been posting one, or often two, blogs a day for the past two months or so – But that’s life I guess.

I’ve been recovering from the end of the poorlies. I say I have been, I mean I still am. My chest feels like there’s a small, furry animal living in it, still, and it’s still more than a little bit uncomfortable.

But, on the most part, we’ve eradicated the poorlies and have decided that a month and a half of constant poorly times should equate to a years worth so we’re refusing to get any more illness for the rest of the year – Hope everyone agrees that this is fair!

I am going to try and start blogging, more regularly, again. I’ve got about five or six posts to write up this evening (I say evening, I mean night, I had to have a nap before I could start) – Unfortunately my body is pretty fed up with the whole illness thing, still, and is taking it’s sweet time in recovering and is still insisting on poop loads of sleep which is making it harder and harder for blog times – But that, too, shall pass.

So, please expect to see more ramblings from me in the upcoming times. The posts that I’m getting written up are mostly going to be family stuffs as they tend to keep on happening during poorly times whereas beauty stuff? Less so!

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