Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Being asked to 're-home' unwanted cosmetics!

I think I quite love being the person that friends message when they have some unwanted cosmetics that are in need of re-homing!

I got a text message like that just a few days ago where a lovely friend said she had been sorting her collection, ready to move, and had lots of bits which were either barely used or unused that she wasn't going to use - and she thought of me!

Now, I know, we're not meant to re-use cosmetics. But any of the bits that had been used I've sharpened away any used bits, or wiped away a couple of layers of product  - Plus, putting it pretty simply, she's my friend and I'm really not worried - I'm going to be hygenic but I also know where the products have come from!

She chucked a few bits that were more well used into the bag of things, too, but they were things I could still make use of like an Elf complexion kit and a bobbi brown eyeshadow palette with one almost unused shade in it!

But, other than those bits, almost everything was either lightly used or not used at all, so I've housed them all in a Soap and Glory box, ready to be played with!

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