Birchbox UK – April 2013 box – Unboxing

 I was really pleased to see, today, that Birchbox uk announced on Facebook that the boxes had been sent out – It meant it’d only be a few days until my box arrived, I’d be optimistic and hope for a day or two but last month the couriers dragged their feet and it took three or four days.

Well, imagine my surprise when I’m upstairs, after my mum has just taken The Boy to my grandparent’s place for a few hours, and I hear our front door open and close – No one came into the house so this meant only one thing, a delivery man had left something on our porch!

So, welcome to my unboxing of my April 2013 Birchbox uk box!  

I haven’t read the magazine, yet, but I just love the beautiful front cover so though I’d share (Also gives you a chance to click away if you don’t want to see what’s inside the box and you’ve clicked by accident, see I’m nice like that!) 
And here’s what’s in the box. There’s a nice selection in there, and a mixture of things I’m more excited about and less excited about. So let’s get on to the products!
This product came in a box so seemed really quite exciting. As it happens, it’s soap. It’s by a company I’ve not come across before called ‘La Societe Parisienne De Savons and it’s really rather posh looking. It’s got a strong, quite nice fresh scent which I think I quite like. None the less, it’s soap, so it’s not something I’m hugely excited by – I think this is likely to stay in my box of samples until we’ve got our own place and then it can be our posh ‘we’ve just moved in’ soap. As far as soap goes, I like it, but I won’t be repurchasing it as the full size is £8.50

This is a 50ml bottle of relaxing conditioner by ‘Green & Spring’. I absolutely love the bottle, it looks really classy and has a lovely vintage feel to it. The conditioner itself smells divine, and relaxing is most definitely the word. I’m not a massive fan of lavender, which is the primary scent in this, but because it’s not overpowering and is mixed with other natural, herby scents, it has a balance to it that means I really really like it. This little product screams luxury and I look forward to using it – It’s definitely going to be used as something special as I won’t be able to repurchase as the full size is £16.

Next I noticed a familiar looking box, as the product is made by Weleda and I have other samples of theirs in this distinctively designed packaging. This is their ‘Skin Food’ which, even the little card says, Victoria Beckham loves. Now, I’m not a massive fan of celeb news or culture so the fact that she likes it isn’t particularly important to me, but I guess she probably has expensive tastes so if she says it’s good it’s probably going to be a good product. 
I love the fact that it’s all natural and I look forward to trying this moisturiser out on my driest patches to see how well it holds up. The full size is a, very reasonable, £8.95 so if it turns out to be as good as suggested then this might be re-purchasable.

This diddy little tube contains Gerda Spillman’s ‘Renaussance Age Serum’. It’s a 3ml tube so I’ve not even opened it as I’ll want to make the most out of it – If it’s like other serums, though, there should be a good few uses, even though it’s tiny, as serums tend to go a long way. I’m only just starting to really use serums so this’ll be nice to try out but even if it’s an utter miracle I doubt I’ll be repurchasing as it’s a pricey £69 for the full size.

This was the most exciting thing in the box, for me. As you’ll know if you’ve seen my more recent beauty posts, I’m love love loving lip crayons at the moment, so I’m really pleased to have another one to add to my collection. 
I’ve got a little Mirenesse lipgloss which I got in the LIB advent calendar so I’ve heard of them as a brand, but I’ve not used the gloss much as it’s clear with glitter in and so hasn’t really been a lot of use. But this lip crayon is just lovely. It’s soft and creamy and applies so nicely. It’s quite sheer but it’s easily buildable for a stronger shade, if that’s what you want. It does have shimmer in it, so when it is more built up you will feel a little of that grainy, shimmer feeling, but it’s not too bad at all. 
I have the shade ’14 Perfect Kiss’ and I absolutely love it. The packaging makes it look quite corally, so at first I was a little disappointed as the crayon comes out quite pinky – But that’s where the shimmer comes into play; it’s a gorgeous peachy, gold shimmer so, mixed with the pinky base, it makes a really lovely coral colour. I think I will be wearing this a LOT this spring and summer. The value of this, full sized, crayon is £17.50

A more sheer layer.

A little more built up.
Lastly is the little ‘Lifestyle extra’ and this month it’s a lovely little mirror. It says it’s called the ‘Paname Paris’ mirror and it’s by Birchbox – It’s got a nice little saying on it and it’s quite a good size, but it’s not a clam sort and doesn’t close, so you’ll need to be more wary of scratching. It says it’s worth £7.50 which seems a tad excessive to me, but as a little extra I’m quite happy with it, it’ll  be handy on my bedside table.
All in all, I’m really happy with this box. The soap is the least exciting thing but it will get used and it’s much nicer than any other soap I expect I’ll have in the future. Everything else I will most definitely use, especially the lip crayon. Thank you for another, fab, box Birchbox. And as for the super fast delivery, thank you even more! 


  1. KateM April 15, 2013 / 4:39 pm

    I am confused about the whole sharpening the lip product bit when it's plastic. If you can shed some light or maybe i am being a bit thick however the product doesn't come out anymore with a twist able bottom as have already tried. You don't get a lot for the price though. However i am not complaining because i love my lip products and i didn't pay that amount. Seems a waste of packaging for such little product too. Your contents were slightly different to mine i just posted. Think its just the conditioner

    Kate – Sparkle Dust xx

    • admin April 15, 2013 / 4:43 pm

      That's one thing I've been wondering about. The little card says you sharpen it, the only thing I'm thinking is if the plastic is thin enough it will actually be sharpenable – I don't believe you're only meant to get what's showing now, so I'm going to try sharpening it once I need to. May be worth a google to see what others say about this product

      Cool, I'll take a look at your post just now xx

    • KateM April 15, 2013 / 4:58 pm

      I google'd but didn't get much out of it. I am going to have another google now. It doesn't look thin. My boyfriend did break my lid already though and my daughter broke my power pout the day i got it from mua. They can't touch anything lol. Hmmm will have a look and see now x

    • KateM April 15, 2013 / 5:05 pm

      Ours isn't a full size product the full size comes with a twisty bottom to allow more product x

    • admin April 15, 2013 / 5:31 pm

      Urg you're not having good luck!

      I'm still not sure, honestly. The ones with the twisty bottom on the mirenesse site looks different from ours. Also ours is 4g which is what the full size is listed as on birchbox site.

      I just tried it in a sharpener, I was able to sharpen away a little of the plastic, I could've done more but would ruin the product that's already out.

      Honestly not sure, may ask on the birchbox fb page. I'm definitely going to try sharpening once it runs low, nothing to lose at that point 😀

  2. FATEMA YOUNUS April 15, 2013 / 6:45 pm

    Lovely post but nothing too exciting about this month's box to be honest x

  3. Laura Mackay April 16, 2013 / 2:38 pm

    Hi lovely. Just came across your blog when I randomly googled birch box spoilers – because I'm so impatient. :-). Newest follower here. Look forward to reading more from you. Love Laura xx

  4. admin April 16, 2013 / 3:01 pm

    Thanks, everyone, for the lovely comments.

    And thanks, so much, for the follow, Laura. I know what you mean about the birchbox. Twice I've been on glossybox spoilers today but had the strength to click away before I saw, it's so hard waiting but I also wantthe surprise! I've only got two months of glossbox left until my birthday subscription is over so I should keep being patient and not ruin the surprises I have left, lol xx

  5. Clairewiththecamera April 17, 2013 / 4:16 pm

    Nice summary of the box! Seems lots of use had different scented soaps, I've been lucky with mine as it's a scent I love. I also got a face wash with mine instead of conditioner.

  6. admin April 17, 2013 / 4:49 pm

    Thanks. Yes I do like the scent of my soap, too, but I just don't really have much need for it right now and don't find it very exciting. It'll be nice to put in our bathroom when my fiance and I get our own place, though.

    Ahh the face wash looked nice, it's a brand I've wanted to try, too. But from what I've seen the full size is quite affordable so, hopefully, there'll be lots of reviews following it being in the boxes and if it's good I might be able to give it a try one day 🙂

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