Birthday money buys for The Boy

As you may remember, it was The Boy’s birthday a couple of weeks ago. He got a lot of lovely presents (see post HERE), but he did also get money from a few people. So, when we went out the other day (for the first time in a little while as he’s poorly Yet again!), I thought it’d be nice to go to the toy shop and let him get some bits that he wanted. So we went to The Entertainer and got ourselves some bargains! 
The most important thing for us to get was the ‘Brewster’ train, from Chuggington. as he’s been talking about wanting one since just before his birthday. I won’t lie, I was rather pleased that they were half price as the die-cast models are normally £7 so £3.50 was a fantastic price!

Secondly, we discovered the new range of ‘Tree Fu Tom’ figurines. Oh yes, he’s ready for figurines now!
He loves Tree Fu Tom, when he gets to see it (it often coincides with dinner time) so, although they were £5 each, we were very excited to pick up a ‘Tom’ figure and a ‘Twigz’ figure. The Boy has taste, Twigz is, without a doubt, the coolest character – He’s voiced by David Tennant for one!

Lastly we picked up a couple of puzzles. They were £5 down to £2 and The Boy loooves puzzles so I thought it was the perfect chance to pick a new one up. The massive, 60 piece, Tree Fu Tom one that he got for his birthday is just a bit Too big for him so far, so I thought that one of these 45 piece ones might be a better size. We chose the Madagascar 3 one as, well look, it’s awesome! But when we got up to the till the lady, very kindly, told us that they were buy one get one half price; so not only were they down to £2 but we could get a second one for just £1! So off I went and picked us up a Charlie and Lola one too!

The Boy was still quite poorly around town, so he spent most of the time in his buggy and Brewster was a wonderful distraction, even though the little loon did want to keep him in the packaging until we got home.
We’ve not played with the puzzles yet but will definitely be doing so in the next few days.

Definitely recommend popping in to ‘The Entertainer’ or going on their Website, at the moment as they have some fantastic reductions going on at the moment, as you can see! 


  1. Kate Musgrove April 24, 2013 / 2:35 pm

    Have never heard of this store. I will check it out near my son and daughters birthday. Thanks for mentioning it

    Kate – Sparkle Dust x

    • admin April 24, 2013 / 4:13 pm

      No problem 🙂

      Their prices are quite similar to everywhere else most of the time but when they have sales they're fantastic! xx

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