Elf haul – during free p+p promotion

I made a little purchase from Elf last week whilst they had a code available for free p+p for orders over £15. I ummed and ahhed over ordering for a while but The Fiance told me he thought I should do it and, as I’ve been really wanting to get their spray brush cleaner, I gave in and found some products to bring my total up to £15.

I’ve got a few more hauls coming up this week, and I know I had some last week, but the weird thing is that, this month, they’ve mostly been free due to collecting points with various companies and the likes. Other than my primark purchases, this Elf order is one of the only things I’ve spent money on this month – I like being able to get so many free things!

Anyway, on to my order (this is a very picture heavy post):

 I got a few things from the studio range and some of their essentials line as I haven’t tried much from that section before. 
This was the main reason for my order – I really wanted something to spot clean my brushes on a day-to-day basis in between big cleans. This bottle is £3.75 for 60ml which is just so much cheaper than you can get in most places. Unfortunately I’ve only been able to use it twice as it’s leaked after both uses, I’m currently waiting to hear back from their customer services to try and get this resolved. The times that I used it though, it was good for getting blusher off my blush brush – It does have  a pretty strong alcohol smell, though, so I’m wary of getting it too close to my brush handles in case it comes in contact with the glue holding the bristles in place.
I have a serious thing about peachy, orangey, coral colours at the moment so I just had to pick up this Matte lip colour in Coral (£2.50 in sale, normally £3.75) – It’s a lovely colour, and applied nice and smoothly. It’s not totally matte but has a nice creamy look to it and I enjoyed wearing it. It’s a bit drying but matte colours tend to be I guess. Here’s a swatch:
I also picked up this concealer stick in Ivory (£3.75) – The packaging was surprisingly nice, as it feels metal and is nice and sturdy. I’m not too sure about the product, though, as it’s got very little coverage but I’m going to keep trying with it. I wanted to try their maximum coverage concealer but it  was out of stock.
This is the all over colour stick in the shade pink lemonade – It’s a nice pinky colour, with a nice sheen to it, I’ve not tried it yet but I’m going to try it as a blush. It says it can be used for eyes, lips and cheeks but I can’t imagine wanting that colour on my eyes at all (May try it on my lips just to see what it’s like) – This one is priced at £1.50 – Swatch here: 
I got this because it was £1 in their spring sale (normally £1.50) – It’s in the shade Ethereal and although they’re not super pigmented, I think they’ll be nice for a soft wash of colour on the lid. Swatches: 
I quite like the taupe shade on the far right and the highlight shade on the far left could be really handy too. 
For some reason I decided to get this Shimmering Facial whip in the shade Pink lemonade, too. This product is quite sticky, but when it’s blended in it leaves a sheer shimmer behind, with the slightest hint of colour – It’s too much colour for it to be a highlight, but it could be a nice blush, similar to the colour stick above, but much more sheer. It’s £1.50.
This diddy little tube of tinted moisturiser (12g) is in the shade ivory. This was a nice little extra product to take my order over the £15 mark, and for £1.50 I thought it was worth trying out. It’s incredibly incredibly sheer and I’m  not sure of how much coverage it’s going to give, but the fact that is has an spf of 15 is great, even if you wear it underneath a higher coverage product. It’s quite greasy when you put it on but before long it settles in and after a days wear I’ve not become greasy at all. As I say, really not sure of the coverage, I need to wear it a few more times to be sure. But, like I said before, if it isn’t much good in that respect then it’ll be good just for it’s spf value. 
Quite a nice little haul, I think. I only spent £15.50 and got plenty of products which I’m already enjoying trying out. Hopefully I’ll be able to get the issue with the brush spray sorted out as it’d be a shame if I can’t use it properly but other than that it was a good selection of products.


  1. Kate Musgrove April 30, 2013 / 12:14 pm

    Great haul. I get emails all the time from these companies. But have been quite good at late. My boyfriends always thinking i spend loads of money, but i just get lucky at winning a lot of cosmetics which keeps the cost of purchasing products down a lot.

    Kate – Sparkle Dust xx

    • admin April 30, 2013 / 12:19 pm

      Yeah you've had some fantastic wins recently haven't you! I seriously need to enter more competitions, I've not done many this year.

      I just went through this months blog posts and can't believe how many posts I've been able to do about stuff bought with tcb, boots or tesco points – Had a good few hauls this month but only actually paid for two of them I think! Kinda makes up with no winning luck hehe

      Got two more points purchase posts coming up, too.

      Talking of which, one of mine is the birchbox shop – Make sure you don't forget to do the surveys on there, they give you points for each one and once you reach 100 points they give you Ten pound to spend in their store – I redeemed mine last week which I'm posting about later in the week 🙂 xx

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