Glossybox UK – April 2013 – Unboxing

It’s a late one, this month, for the Glossbox unboxing; partially because the company didn’t send out the boxes until later in the month than normal and also because, it seems, mine took a while longer to arrive than others have. But never mind, it’s here now. I was feeling a little frustrated, as I kept getting spoilers crossing my path (especially the one sent, in an email, by glossybox themselves) – But the box is really rather wonderful, so I think I’m going to be able to overlook it! 
Even the box is, just, beautiful. Designed by Pearl Lowe, the pattern is just gorgeously vintage and very fitting for a spring-time box. This will definitely house some products of some description in the future. 

Oh yes, your eyes do not deceive you, there’s makeup, nail care, skincare, bodycare and fragrance – the Perfect combination in one box! 

This is the item that I knew we were getting, after being in receipt of an email from Glossybox themselves, telling me.

But, I had assumed that it would be a miniature so for it to be a full sized polish was a very nice surprise. I got the colour ‘Cute as a button’ which is a lovely creamy coral colour which will be the perfect addition to my new, spring nail collection. I love the Essie polish that I already have so am really, really pleased to have another one. Essie polishes retail for £7.99 at boots or superdrug.

This was another item which I was so so pleased to get. I’ve heard such wonderful things about Sleek blushes and have wanted to try one ever since but my local superdrug doesn’t stock the brand so it’s prevented me from getting anything until I have the funds to do a whole order from their website. 
I got the shade Pixie Pink but others will have got Flamingo, suede or flushed.

Here’s the blush in the pan. 

Here’s a swatch. I wore the colour today and it’s a gorgeous, gorgeous shade; absolutely perfect for spring. I do have some similar blushes, but not any exactly like this one. I expect to use this a Lot.
This is a full sized Sleek blush which retails at £4.49

And yet another brand that I’ve been itching to try! Admittedly, it’s their skincare that I want to try but I do love my bodycare products too and I’m a big fan of body butters. This Nip + Fab butter smells fantastic. There were other options in the form of a coconut or a pistachio scented one and I’d have happily received them, but I’m equally as happy with the mango scent.

I am really, really looking forward to trying this out. This is a 50ml tub, the full size is 200ml and retails at £9.95.

This product couldn’t have come at a better time, either. Only the other day I was talking to The Fiance about wanting to get a moisturiser with an spf in it as some of my foundations have one and some don’t and then this arrives in this months glossybox!

This is a 50+ spf so I’m going to save it for if/when we have some really warm days but I think this is going to be fantastic this spring/summer. The full sized product is quite pricey at £18.50 (for 75g) so I’m not sure I’ll be able to afford to repurchase, but this sample, although only 10g, should be fantastic if I use it on the hottest days.

I think everyone who gets beauty boxes has been a bit ‘meh’ when they’ve received perfume samples before. Those little tiny vials that you can get free from counters, that are a pain to open without splooshing the product everywhere and are just… well, ‘meh’.

As such I was so so pleased to get this perfume in a  bottle, rather than a teeny vial; there’s a really nice amount of fragrance in here. I absolutely love the little bottle and, although I have no idea how, I am intent on finding a use for it once I’ve used up the perfume. I’ve not worn it, yet, so don’t know how the scent dries, but in the bottle it’s a beautiful smell and I really look forward to wearing it. Plus it’s purple, I Love anything purple, even if it’s just the name and the bottle – It’s called ‘So Elixir Purple’. The full  size of this Yves Rocher France perfume is 50ml and retails at £44

A fantastically balanced box, with two full sized products and three really good sized samples in it. Other than the lateness, Glossbox has got it totally right this month. All of the products fit wonderfully with the spring theme, too and are all really really usable. I’m so so happy with this months box. I can’t believe next month will be my last one – Gutted! I can only hope it’s as good as this months has been. 


  1. KateM April 20, 2013 / 11:51 am

    I love this box. I want this box. Haha. Looks fab

    kate – sparkle dust x

    • admin April 20, 2013 / 1:03 pm

      I haven't been too wowed by the first two boxes I got, they were good but not amazing. But I will, 100%, use everything in this box. And from what I've seen some peoples boxes were even better, I'm sure I saw one person say they got four full sized products in theirs!

      Seems to me that the quality of boxes that Birchbox are producing has maybe had to make GB really up their game xx

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