Thursday, 18 April 2013

Haircut for The Boy - Gets me every time

The Boy is three, now, he's had his hair cut a few times but every time it just makes me feel that 'urk' feeling. I don't know why, it just doesn't feel nice.

But it really Had to happen!

He's got the most gorgeous, golden brown curls and I love them soo much. But every time we go to town he gets called a girl at least once and where that doesn't bother him, yet, it will when he gets older. And... this is the bit that really pushed my hand, this last week it turned into a curly mullet! It stopped looking like a gorgeous head of curls and he suddenly looked like a hairstyle throwback from times where hairstyles were Not Good!

So, it happened. My mum cuts his hair as she used to cut mine, and she used to cut her husbands a bit, I think, so although she's no hairdresser she has more experience than I do and she costs 100% less than a hairdresser! Plus, with the curls, they're quite forgiving, it's not like it has to be perfectly straight to look good because, well, it's a big mass of curls! 

Smiling at Grandma before she started brushing his hair - The smiles stopped soon after. But this is a good before shot of how long it was, and it doesn't even look that mullet'y here.

And after, much neater!

You'd be right if you thought he'd been crying. I did comfort him before I took photos, but I did still take photos - It's all about balance, people!       

This is how much hair we gathered into his lap. 

And this is how much was on the floor, this is as well as what was on his lap. Might not seem like that much, but look how long his hair still is! 


  1. I cut my sons hair because hairdresser refuses too due to the outburst that comes with it. Its a challenge with lots of tears but its got to be done. You would think he was getting murdered lol. Luckily i am a trained hairdresser just not in mens hair which is harder then womans

    kate - sparkle dust x

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