Sunday, 7 April 2013

Innotab 2 - Setting it up

It's only a few days until the boy turns three, as I write this, so it's all 'go go go' trying to get everything ready for his birthday. I had wanted to get everything sorted a lot earlier than this but I've been so so poorly this week that it's just not been possible. I'm still not great now but I just have to get it done. (I'm writing this a few days before his birthday, but it's actually going to be posted closer to his birthday as I already have blogs ready to go up until then)

The first thing I did, when starting to get everything set up, was get the device registered with Vtech. This isn't a necessary thing but I do tend to do it as it often has links to warranties and the likes (though won't always, I just tend to do it in a better safe than sorry way) - There's a little slip of paper in the plastic bag which holds the usb cable which has details of where to go to register it.

A disc comes in the box which has the Learning Lodge software on it, ready to install onto your machine, but if for any reason you don't have that disc I think that you can download the software from the Vtech website, just in case you ever need to. It didn't take long to install and it was nice and easy to do.

I had to set up an account and fill out details to make a little profile, standard stuff, before I could start browsing the downloadable content. The Innotab 2 purchase allows you to have two downloads for free (not including premium content) so I had a good look through the ebooks and the games to see if there was anything that The Boy would like.

I opted for two alphabet based games, Alphabet bubbles and Alphabet cookie. The first game is for the age rage 1-3 and is nice and basic, you click on the bubbles and it tells you the letter, plus there's another section with flash cards which speaks the letters phonetically. Alphabet cookie is an age 4-6 game so it's too old for him, now, but I got it because it looks like something I can play with him to show him, even if he can't do it alone.

There's a bit of a sale on at the moment, in the Learning Lodge, so I had a bit more of a look to see if there were any other bits to get. I decided to get a writing game and an ebook story as they were both quite reduced. Again, the writing game is a little old for him now, but with this one I'm getting it now as it's just nice to get the saving.

I was very pleased with how easy it is to set up, the learning lodge is easy to navigate and it's easy to look through the apps (especially if you use the filter drop down along the top of the window). I'm really looking forward to him getting this on his birthday, now, I think he's going to be so so excited and he's going to love playing with this.

Keep an eye out for more Innotab posts in the future, it'll be ones about how The Boy is with the toy, from now on, I think.


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