Kids are Flippin’ funny #19

Sometimes I randomly ask The Boy what his name is. No real reason, really, it’s mostly just a left over habit from back when we were trying to teach him what his name actually.

He normally answers in a rather exasperated tone because he knows that I know, full well what his name is – Silly Mummy.

But yesterday he decided to make up different names so he insisted that his name was either ‘Manjum’ or ‘Lammus’ … Now I know I don’t use his real name on here (Am umming and aahing over whether or not I may start but that’s another story) but, needless to say his name is neither ‘Manjum’ or ‘Lammus’.

He does decide to randomly start talking in his own little language, sometimes, so I guess that’s where this comes from. Funny little boy.

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