Kids are flippin’ funny #20

If there’s one thing you need to know about The Boy’s grandad, it’s that he’s a tease. He likes to pretend to steal his dinner, he likes to ‘rawr’ at him, chase him, all sorts of fun things that Grandads do.

One of the other things he does, is whenever The Boy is going somewhere, Grandad says ‘Are you staying here?’ – To which The Boy, obviously, yells NO and runs away; why not?

Today, Grandad took it a step further and chased him down the hallway, making The Boy believe that Grandad was going to ‘steal him’ (his own words) to stop  him from going shopping with Grandma.

I finally persuaded him to let me put his shoes on, and as he’s sat with me, Grandad comes back for some more teasing, but obviously having had enough now, the boy calmly responds ‘Hush Grandad, hush’ – Grandad was not impressed!

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