Kids are flippin’ funny #21

I left The Boy playing with his toys, in the living room, the other day whilst I popped upstairs to put some washing on my bed to put away later. I was up there for two minutes or so, no time at all for him to get up to any mischief.

Thankfully, my predictions were correct, no mischief, just something rather cute and funny!

I’d left the book I’m currently reading on the arm of the chair, and cheeky boy here decided to lay back and have a quick read. It’s a massive novel called ‘Devices and Desires’ by K.J. Parker, which is the first part of a fantasy trilogy. Of course, to The Boy, it was a Thomas the tank engine book.

He lay there for a good ten minutes, until I distracted him with food, narrating a lovely little story about ‘Thomas and Mavis’ and ‘the track was wet’ and ‘they had a very long day’ and ‘it was a very lovely day’

It’s lovely to see his imagination working so nicely – It’s one thing interpreting pictures into a story but making one up totally by himself was so sweet. Also very very funny!


    • admin April 28, 2013 / 9:59 pm

      Thank you 🙂 I quite think so too 🙂 xx

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