Mini poundland haul – Sleek lipsticks + Book for the boy

The fact that Poundland now do branded cosmetics is a wonderful little bonus when very very low on funds!

We were in town with one of my close friends at the end of last week and I had a few errands to run but I also decided to pop in to Poundland. Primarily I wanted to get a book for The Boy so that it would help keep him busy during the rest of the time in town but I also knew I’d just have to have a quick look at the cosmetics section, it would be wrong not to?!

There was loads there, and a lot that I ummed and ahhed over, but most of it I didn’t like quite enough, even for just £1. So what I came away with was two lipsticks by Sleek! I couldn’t believe that there was Sleek stuff in there, there was a few other ones in there too, in their bolder colours but I opted for the sheer finish ones. 

The shades aren’t really what I expected from the packaging but I like them anyway – I expected the shade ‘Satin’ to be so pale that it was almost nothing and the shade ‘Organza’ to be a peachy pink but as it turns out  ‘Satin’ is a lovely peachy colour and ‘Organza’ is a stronger pink – I have worn them both, though, and they’re really nice. I, obviously, have no idea how genuine they are, but I like to believe that they are the real thing because I don’t own any sleek yet, but now I can say I do!

I also did manage to pick up a book for the little one, too, as originally planned. Unfortunately they didn’t have anywhere near as many as normal, so I had to get him one which won’t last him long at all but he does really like it and I’m trying to get him to be careful with it… and he is trying but that doesn’t mean it’ll actually work, heavy handed is one way of putting it.

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