MUA: Make up Academy Power Pouts – Runway and Crazy in Love

When you’ve been waiting, with baited breath, for the postman to bring you something amazing… you Know it’s going to come when you’re feeling Really Really poorly.

I had a slightly better day yesterday so thought I was in the getting better phase of the poorly times, but seems not, I’ve woken today feeling very unwell. But when lovely Mr Postman brings me some amazing MUA post, I have to soldier on and get some swatches done, some photos taken and a post written up – I’ve hardly got any choice in the matter, surely?

You all know how excited I was about the announcement of the MUA Power Pouts (see excited post HERE) so to finally have a couple within my grasp is just a little bit awesome! I’ve got the shades ‘Runway’ and ‘Crazy in Love’ and they’re absolutely gorgeous.

The formula is so soft and creamy; they’re an absolute delight to apply and they feel really nice and moisturising. The colours are beautiful they’re the perfect balance between pigmented and sheer, in exactly the way you’d hope from a lip crayon like these. 
As with other products like these, they have a minty scent which, I know, some don’t like but has never been a problem for me. Though, I actually think that the actual scent of these is slightly more pleasant than others, a different type of minty it seems a little more natural than others I’ve smelled. The scent doesn’t last for long, though, so if it is an issue for people, you don’t have to worry about it being a long term problem.

And here are some swatches. Aren’t they just beautiful?

I’ve not built these up too much, but I do think they could be a little more buildable if that’s what you wanted from a product. When it came to trying to wash these off, with a baby wipe, it took a really strong scrub to get these swatches off which bodes well for the staying power of the stain aspect. I can’t say how well it works on the lips, yet, as I’m wearing one now but it hasn’t been for very long – Though if the swatches are anything to go by I think the stain aspect of these will be wonderful too.

I think I’ll try to come back and write up something about how lasting these are, once I’ve been able to wear them more often, and when I’m not trying to get things written up quickly so I can go lay down, hehe.

The main thing that playing with these, this morning, has told me is that I want the other four shades! I think that with the whole range I’d have every possible lip colour I’d want to last me through spring and summer. As my March favourites, which are going up later, shows, I’m loving lip crayons at the moment anyway and I think they’re going to be the perfect, lightweight wash of colour for if and when we get warmer weather. And with these Power Pouts I think I’ll have the perfect collection.

They’re an absolutely amazing price, for £3 how could you not want to give them a go?! They’re available on the website at the moment and they’ll be available in stores on the 10th April, in a weeks time. Check them out, you know you want to!

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