Product to try out – Hay Max Balm

Well, I’m being optimistic, but I’m planning ahead for hayfever season.

Ok, so I’m not optimistic about hayfever, I Hate hayfever, but at least if the weather is warmer then that’ll make up for it, a bit.

I’m actually quite lucky, now, as it seems that my hayfever has improved, big time – I now get it at a more normal level. I sneeze a lot, and I get itchy eyes – But not like when I was a child, when I was a child it was horrendous, it was like being really ill for the whole of the time that pollen was circulating. My eyes used to itch SO badly, and I’d sneeze non stop, plus I’d get rashes from being on the grass and the likes – Some mornings I would wake up and not be able to open my eyes, they were that sore and swollen.

Pair the hayfever with the milky white skin and you might understand why summer has never really been a good time for me!

But, as I say, it’s improved, soo much. I can now take the tablets, and use lavender oil, and it’ll keep it much more in control – I’ll still get some symptoms but nothing like they used to be and for some parts of the season the tablets are enough to keep it totally at bay!

But, when I heard about Hay Max, I thought it’d be worth trying out as any more help would mean an even bigger chance of my being allowed to enjoy the warmer weather.

It comes in a few forms, there’s a lavender one, a¬†frankincense one, an aloe one and a pure one. I wanted to get the lavender one as lavender does help me with my hayfever, but we’re so low on funds I had to get it the cheapest I could, which was ebay, and was the pure one – Have a real google to see other options – But I figure I can use the pure one and lavender oil separately in order to combine the helping properties.

I expected it to be a more oily sort of balm, like other balms that I use, but Hay Max is actually Really Really sticky! I mean Wow sticky! You’re supposed to apply the balm to your nose, around the nostrils, in order to let it trap the pollen before it gets into your nose – I’d thought an oily balm would do that but I guess a sticky one will do it even better.

One of the big plus points for this stuff is that it can be used by pregnant women and children, so it doesn’t have the same sort of constraints as medication does. For me, I doubt it’ll replace medication, but I hope that it’s able to help with the symptoms I get despite the tablets, and maybe I’ll have an even less hayfever filled summer than before!

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