The Bigjigs Play Patrol

As you know, if you’ve read previous posts, we were lucky enough to get into the final for the BigJigs play patrol. (See HERE for our toy review for the final)

Well, a few days ago, BigJigs announced who were going to be those chosen to be on the Play Patrol.

I, honestly, didn’t think that we would be in the final five because the other entries were just fantastic and most of the other applicants had a lot more blogging experience. BUT I was so pleased when we received their e-mail – It seems that the team were so happy with all of the entries that they decided that all twelve of us would be on the Play Patrol rather than just five, as they had originally planned.

I’m just so so pleased as it means that all of the other fantastic entries are going to be on the Play Patrol team but so are we!!

So, yes, watch this space for some more posts about wonderful things from this fantastic brand!

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