The boy’s birthday gathering

It was The Boy’s birthday a few days ago. I can’t quite believe it, I have a three year old.

Parents say it all of the time, but it just doesn’t seem possible! It feels like only a few months ago that I bought my tiny little, two week old, bundle home from the hospital at long last and now he’s a shouty, stompy, trumpy, cute, intelligent, funny little person!

We didn’t have a full on party as we’re still living at my parents, plus I think I’ll wait to do parties when he is at school and wants to invite school friends. We did invite his cousins, and The Fiance’s little girl over, though. Unfortunately my eldest nephew and my niece were too poorly to come but we still had a really lovely time.

My lovely step mum bought my sister and her little boy, who just turned two, over and The Fiance brought his daughter as it coincided nicely with his weekend with her.

My mum was an absolute saviour when it came to the day as I was still quite poorly in the lead-up so she got food, and she bought a plain white cake which she iced (I helped by finding shape cutters and giving opinions!).

A plain white iced, chocolate cake, with blue dinosaur and train on top and dinos
round the edge too

Just starting to dig in to the food

Blowing out his candle

Birthday boy, yup the icing made our tongues go blue!

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