I’d never bought anything from a blog sale before, but I’ve heard plenty of talk about them and know that people get some fantastic bargains from time to time. I’d only, really, want to buy from a blog sale of someone who I’ve read for a while because you feel like you can trust someone (hopefully) (And in this case I could, of course).

Soo… when the lovely Kat at Tales of a Pale face announced her Blog sale a short while ago I just had to have a look! 

I have wanted the blackcurrant balmi for quite a long while now. I’m an utter lip balm addict and I’ve never had one in a blackcurrant flavour. I picked up the mint flavoured one from Birchbox a few weeks ago, with my birchbox reward points, and I love love love it so I was even more eager to get the blackcurrant flavour but it’s just been out of stock everywhere I look. And then, there it was, on this blog sale and I just Had to get it! I can’t remember how much she asked for it but I think it was something like £2.50, bargain!

To justify paying for the p+p (which I think we alllll do sometimes), I looked for another item. Most of the items I liked were gone but then I saw she was selling this, gorgeous, Essie polish in the shade ‘Penny Talk’ and it had only been used once. I think she was selling this for £3 ish and it, too, was a fantastic bargain.

Adding on the few pounds for p+p I paid a similar amount as I would have done for the Essie polish, alone, for both items plus the p+p!

Kat was really lovely and she sent my items soo soo quickly, I got them in only a couple of days even though there was a bank holiday in between. I’m definitely so pleased with my first ever blog sale experience! 

Just wanted to share a couple of really rather wonderful bargains with you all.

I’ve wanted a couple of bits from Organic Surge for quite a while and then when I watched a video by Khila from MissBudgetBeauty and she used their Million dollar brown sugar body polish I decided to have another look at their site (HERE). Imagine my surprise to find out that the scrub is normally £32 down to £8!!! I made an order of a few bits which I really love the look of and made it up to £20 for free delivery. The sale is up to 75% off and their prices are rather reasonable in the first place anyway – Well worth checking out!

The second bargain I wanted to share is concerning Seche Vite top coat. I’d heard so so much about this top coat and I’ve been having some real nightmares with bubbling polish so when the lovely Victoria at Victoria’s Vintage said that Amazon (HERE) were selling it for £6ish I ordered a bottle. I’ve actually bought a second bottle, as a back up, since then as it’s now down to an even more amazing £4.41! This is an amazing top coat at less than half the normal price – If you ever wanted to try it, now would be the time.

**And for anyone who’s not entered, don’t forget my giveaway! http://petitmoi-bigworld.co.uk/uncategorized/beauty-giveaway-its-competition-time/ **

Once we move out and have less money it’s going to be rubbish having to cut back on spending – Obviously I enjoy buying beauty products these days, and it’ll be annoying having to cut back, but the thing that’ll be hardest to stop spending on is books.

I find it hard to think of books as a luxury, they feel more like a necessity, growing up in a family like mine probably explains why. Books have always been a massive thing for us, we love to read. When I was a child my family holidays with my mum and my step dad would consist of going to cornwall, with lots of space in the boot, and buying lots of books, sitting on beaches and reading them. That was probably one of the biggest expenses of our holidays, masses of books! Best holidays ever!

Anyway, I digress. When I get the chance to get a Massive bargain on books, I more often than not, take it up. And that’s how we ended up with 29 books from ‘The Works’ for £27 and free p+p!

A lot of the time the best offers are often on unheard of books by lesser known authors, but these were, for the most part, by fantastic, well known authors – Which makes the offer even better! 
The offer I got these on was 8 fiction books for £12, so they worked out at £1.50 each! 
‘Whit’ and ‘A Song of Stones’ by Iain Banks – He’s one of my favourite authors and I have read both of these books before, but I don’t own them and will definitely want to read them again. 
‘The Killing Hour’ by Lisa Gardner – I love me some random crime books from time to time, I’ve never read Lisa Gardner before but pretty sure I’ve had her recommended. 
‘The Distant Echo’ by Val McDermond – Another author I’ve never read before but the description sounded good and I needed an 8th book. 
‘Never Go Back’ by Robbert Goddard – Goddard is another of my favourite authors, writing mysterious books with unusual twists and undertones of the unknown. A fantastic author who I’ve read a lot of and really enjoy, not read this one before. 
‘Dead Night’ – Peter Robinson – Another crime author who I really enjoy. Just very very well written books, have read a number of these before, but not this one. 
‘Bitter Blood’ by Rachel Caine – This is the 13th book of the Morganville Vampires series; it’s not the most mind blowing series ever but I do enjoy it. I’m a bit behind and the last one I’d read was 12, so getting 13 for £1.50 was too good to pass up. 
‘Shades of Grey’ by Jasper Fforde – Try Googling this one without knowing the authors name, you won’t be able to find it very easily 😉 – I’ve not read this before and hadn’t heard of it but the synopsis sounded great. It’s in the flipback format which I love. 
These are the books I got for the children. The majority are for The Boy but I bought one, specifically for The Fiance’s daughter and also once we have our own place and she stays with us on their weekends I’m sure she’ll enjoy these books too. 
I got these with two different deals. The 6 Mr Men and Little Miss books were in a deal for £5 for the 6 of them making them less than £1 each and the remainder of the books were in a 10 for £10 offer. The little box in the bottom left is a collection of 6 books, though, which is how I come to the total figure of 29 books rather than 24.
I won’t go into as much detail with these ones but we got three of the Octonauts books, one of which is a flap book too. I also picked up a Humphrey’s corner book as The Boy has a few of these and loves them, this is ‘Humphrey’s Farm adventure’ (they’re so beautifully illustrated).
The three random books I got for The Boy are ‘Teacup in a storm’ which is a weird little board book, but beautifully drawn, ‘Toucan Toucan’t’ and ‘Racing car is Roaring’.
For The Fiance’s little girl I picked up the ‘Little Kitten’ book as she loves cats. 
And then we also got the boxset of 6 little books about the ‘Cars’ film, plus ‘Mickey Mouse and the Knights of the Round table’ which is illustrated in a comic book format. And, obviously, as I said above, we got the 6 Mr Men books which you can see in the photo. 
These books were all either £1.50, £1 or less than a pound, absolute amazing savings and we’re all really going to enjoy them – I’ve not been reading enough, recently, maybe some new books to focus on will help me get back in the habit.

Firstly I’d like to say that this is only based on information I’ve gathered from searching on google and reading other peoples sites/articles/blogs – I don’t have any Real knowledge about this and Google don’t seem to have said anything solid either way.

But, it seems there is hope! Google Friend Connect might not be going when Google Reader does!

The reason it got out that GFC was going was being Google announced that Reader was going and the two are linked, but not to the extent that many have assumed – I won’t go into it in massive detail as I’m going to link you to a few of the sites I’ve read that explain it properly.

That doesn’t, though, mean that GFC is here forever, a couple of years ago Google started to phase it out by stopping it being available on wordpress accounts etc – That suggests that the Do want it go at some point. BUT, hopefully, it won’t be any time soon (or maybe they’ll be really nice and let us keep it!)

It seems like a good idea to keep following our favourite blogs on Blog Lovin’ and Twitter, too, as the info I’ve found could be wrong, or GFC could go at another time, but I just wanted to share the information I’ve found with you all

Here’s a few of the pages I’ve read about this:



Ooh yay another announcement from MUA – They’re adding to their selection of £1 blushes with 6 new, delicious looking shades (yeah, you’ll see what I did there when you read the names!)

Check out MUA’s blog (HERE) for more details and swatches of these gorgeous new shades – I already know which ones I have my eye

(The picture above is from the MUA facebook page and is being used with permission)