April 2013 Favourites

Despite declaring, at the beginning of the month, that our family had been poorly enough throughout the month of March and so we would not be poorly again for a long time… we spent a lot of April poorly again. As such I spent a lot of the month feeling rubbish, but thankfully I still had better days where I was able to indulge in playing with pretty products.

So, let’s get going on why these fabulous little items made the cut for this months list. 
Skincare first. As you know I finally was able to get my hands on the Caudalie Beauty elixir, when I got the Caudalie must have set with some tesco clubcard points. I’ve heard so much about this stuff and I wasn’t disappointed. When I was poorly I’d spritz this on my face to make myself feel more human and wow it did such a good job and I even think I Looked better as well as feeling better. On a normal day I’ve been using this after cleansing and before moisturising and makeup. I’d love to use it throughout the day too, but this stuff is not cheap and I’m trying to make it last, but despite only using it once a day I’m already about a 5th of the way through the bottle. I honestly think my pores have reduced dramatically since I’ve been using this. 
My other skincare favourite is the Loreal Skin perfection 3 in 1 purifying micellar solution. Anyone who reads about beauty knows about mecellar solutions, mostly those made by the french brand Bioderma, but I’d not had a chance to try them before. I actually got a travel sized one in my caudalie set but I’ve not used it yet as I think it could come in handy for travel. This loreal product, though, is the first time I’ve seen such an affordable high street offering, it’s normally £4.99 I believe but I managed to scoop it up for £2.49 (thanks to the lovely Fee at Makeup savvy for sharing this find). I’ve been using it in the evenings to take my makeup off, and then before bed I’ll do a proper cleanse – It’s become a really nice part of my routine and leaves my skin feeling so clean and not at all tight. 
Well, it’s no big secret that I’m a big fan of MUA so it’s probably no surprise that I have their ‘Undress your skin Illuminating Foundation’ in here. But it really does deserve the recognition it’s been getting recently (I loved the video and mentions on the blog from Khila at Miss Budget Beauty) – This foundation is really nice. I’ve struggled, a bit, to find a shade of foundation in the MUA ranges which suits my skin tone but this shade ‘porcelain’ is just perfect, it blends nicely and it lasts well. It’s light to medium coverage and it just does good things to my face. I really like using this with my beauty blender as it takes it up to that more medium coverage level for less happy skin days. 
Secondly I’m just doing a bit of a sweeping generalisation and that’s cream blushes with my real techniques stippling brush. I only have four cream blushes at the moment, and one of them is a stick blush anyway, but there are a few I really want to get (Revlon photoready in coral anyoe?!) but I’ve been really enjoying using them this month, and especially with this amazing brush. Match made in heaven. The two blushes I’ve most enjoyed using it with are Dainty Doll’s ‘001Paper Roses’ and MUA’s ‘Blossom’ 
Lip and eye products have all been about quick and easy this month. I’ve been using cream eye shadows, yet again, and Benefit’s ‘Bunny Hop’ is just a gorgeous shimmery peachy colour that is so brightening and pretty; very very spingy too. 
I couldn’t not mention the MUA Power pouts – I’ve not worn these to death but I have worn them both a good few times and I really am loving them. I really, really, want to get them in more colours because I think the berry colour is going to be more autumn/winter and I really have to be in the ‘right’ mood for red (though when I am this is a fantastic colour for a sheer look) – These are in ‘Runway’ and ‘Crazy in Love’ but I don’t know which of the other shades I want, quite possibly all of them. (Good job I have some top cashback and potentially some refund money and other bits and bobs coming to me in May!) and for £3 each it wouldn’t break the bank to get all of them. 
Lastly is the 17 Mirror shine lipstick in ‘Cheeky Secret’ – This isn’t a very strong colour, it only just changes the tone of the lips a little, but I love the orangey hue it gives. The formula of these is just amazing, I love love love it so much and the new packaging makes them seem so much better quality and more grown up. Worn this a Lot this month as it’s so effortless to wear, even on feeling rubbish days. 
I absolutely Love these Gelly Hi Shine polishes by Barry M. I know they’re massive favourites of many at the moment and I’m definitely one of the many in this instance. I have the shades ‘Lychee’, ‘Prickly Pear’ and ‘Papaya’ (I also have watermelon but haven’t opened it because I realised it’s almost identical to a Mememe polish I have so I’ve put it to one side to be added to my stash for my future giveaway) 
The formula of these is just soo nice, they just feel like such good quality polishes and the finish is just fantastic. My main problem with these is that I want about 3 or 4 more of them! Need more shades! 
And, lastly, two random favourites.

The Fiance and I have been re-watching Lost from the beginning. When we first started talking, almost two years ago now, we said we’d watch Lost together from beginning to end and, now, we’re finally doing it. I only ever got as far as Series 3 and he’s watched them all, so he’s finding it soo hard to not say things that will be spoilers (I HATE spoilers!) but he’s doing very very well. I really enjoyed re-watching series 1 and we’re already part way into series 2, yay.

And… yes… softmints. For me it’s the spearmint ones, for The Fiance it’s peppermint. We’ve both become utterly obsessed – As in we’ve eaten far too many packets this month, way way too many. They’re just So good. I need to stop eating as many, though, as it’s going to ruin my already not great teeth and well, they’re just not a necessity – I keep saying I’ll cut down, though, and so far it’s not happened, oops.  


  1. Laura Mackay May 3, 2013 / 6:55 pm

    You have totally inspired me to get my Lost dvds out I have only got 1 & 2, need to invest in the rest. I haven't watched it in so long – Also great Realtecniques brush it is one of my favourites. Love Lxxx A Scottish Lass

    • admin May 3, 2013 / 7:04 pm

      Hehe I'm addicted at the moment, we watch a few episodes every evening and every time one ends I wish we had time for just one more. You'll probably be able to pick the rest up quite reasonably, might even be cheaper to get a 1-6 set than 3-6 separately if you shop around 🙂

      I'm so glad I got the brush, I wasn't wearing my cream blushes much but they're so much easier to wear now! Xx

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