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It’s that time again! Bigjigs Toys have sent us our first, proper, mission since we became fully fledged ‘Play Patrollers’ – I say we, obviously I mean The Boy but I translate his reactions into words so I think I get an honourable mention!

If you’ve not seen their website and Facebook pages yet then please click HERE for Bigjigs’ website and HERE for the Facebook.

You may already have seen our sneak peak post HERE so you’d already know how excited we were when our post arrived, and have seen the wonderful things that came in the Play Patrol pack. The Boy can’t wait for a proper day in town so that we can take his backpack with us, and I was so so pleased that he was happy to put the t-shirt on for the photos, he’s a tricky monkey when it suits him. 
We received, what can only be described as, the Most perfect toy – a ‘Train Wash’. 
The Boy likes trains, he likes them a Lot. And he’s been very lucky, over the past couple of years, that we’ve been able to build up quite a lovely set of bits and pieces for his wooden train track set (a majority of which are Bigjigs). We’ve got all sorts of interesting and complicated wooden track pieces, junctions, crossings and all sorts plus we’ve got a coal dock, a little station, a shed, a level crossing and more besides. But one thing we didn’t have, which is something that The Boy is a little obsessed with, is a ‘Wash down’.
The real name of this toy is the Train Wash as I said above, but being a massive Thomas fan, The Boy calls it a wash down and there’s not going to be any changing that. Before we even got it out of the box he was just sat staring at it saying ‘It’s a wash down Mummy’ – He was so incredibly excited. 
Our lovely DPD delivery man couldn’t have timed his arrival any better because Grandma had, just, finished making this rather lovely track when he knocked on the door and if you notice up in the top right corner there is a rather redundant crossroads (which The Boy often insists on including even if it means it leading nowhere) 
The Perfect place for one Very excited little boy’s new Wash Down to go! And this goes to show one of the things that is great about Bigjigs’ train set pieces and that’s that they’re all of a nice standard size so it’s so easy to swap pieces in and out. As you can see we have lots of important buildings and accessories which need to be included in our track and sometimes the easiest way to make it is to build the basic track and then remove pieces and slot the tunnel, dock or level crossing in to place. And now the Train Wash will be exactly the same. 
As it is safe to expect, with Bigjigs, this toy is fantastically well made. It’s sturdy, put together seamlessly, painted fantastically and it has that charm and traditional feel to it that makes Bigjigs such a stand out brand of toys. And there’s no skimping on the important little details either. The blue cylinder to the left of this photo is the ‘water tank’ and I just love the little blue pipe which runs from that to the main body of the wash. Not to mention the little wheel on top of it which has an ‘on’ and ‘off’ position, marked with an arrow on the top of the tank. Admittedly, the boy prefers to just spin it around and around, but what’s the worst that can happen? His trains just might be a little confused! 
Another little detail that we love is the changeable red and green ‘light’ above the entrance (Yes, you’ll note that The Boy and Percy are being rather rebellious and going in via the exit which is clearly marked ‘No Entry’ tut tut!) – This little feature, though, will be great for younger children, helping in teaching them that the green light means go and red means stop. Obviously in this instance it’s with trains but it’d be easily transferable to the first steps of road safety. As it happens my little monkey, and his vehicle obsessed mind, has been enthralled by ‘Red red red stooop!’ and ‘Green go go go!’ for over a year now, so he loves this feature because he can switch it really quickly and make his trains stop and go, stop and go and fall into a heap on the floor as it’s just SO funny! (Oh to be an easily amused toddler!)

As you can, also, see from the photographs above there are blue, foam, pieces which the trains have to physically push through in order to get through the Train Wash. I think this is, yet another, wonderful little detail which the design team have really thought about – It takes this toy another step closer to seeming more real and stops it from just being another tunnel – If only the water tank were real, these would be some thoroughly cleaned trains!

If I could think of a single down-side of this toy then I’d tell you, I promise, but I genuinely can’t. I love that this is quite different from the other pieces you can get for the tracks, that it has an element of learning involved and that it’s just wonderfully fun and well thought out.

I can’t even begin to explain how much this toy is going to get played with – We make a track almost every day and The Boy has been obsessed with his Wash Down ever since it arrived, resulting in a little bit of upset when he wasn’t allowed to take it to bed with him (I kid you not). When I asked him if he likes his new wash down he replied ‘I very very love it, it’s very very good’ – What better recommendation could you ask for?!

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  1. Kate Musgrove May 11, 2013 / 12:26 pm

    It looks great. My big kid instincts are dying to dive out and have a play. My son as a train but we don't play with it often i'm going to have to get it out it's with a huge table thing in his bedroom lol cost about £80. He starts school this year so we better get some use out of it xx

    • admin May 11, 2013 / 6:23 pm

      Sounds like a good idea! Train track being set up is almost daily here, when we viewed a flat yesterday The Boy said he didn't like it because his track wasn't there so hopefully moving won't be too bad as long as we remember not to leave his track at Grandma's (Though we do need to find the right place to live, first, of course) xx

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