Boots haul – Paid with advantage points – Loreal lip products

Unbelievably, this is another post about things bought with my Boots advantage card points. I know, it’s not been long since my Spring makeup haul,
all of which was paid for with points too, but amazingly I still had
enough points left to go back into Boots the other day and get my hands
on some lovely Loreal lip products which I’d been lusting after since
swatching them a couple of weeks ago – Does help that Loreal products
were in a 3 for 2 offer in Boots, too, got to love those 3 for 2’s!

I love how gorgeous the Loreal packaging is on these products, they look much more high end than they really are! I got two of the  Glam shine – stain splash glosses which I was in love with after the longest lasting swatches Ever on a previous boots visit. As my third item I decided to pick up one of the Rouge Caresse lipsticks after I’ve heard so many good things about them.
This is in the shade 501 Bonnie – I spent a while trying to decide whether to get this one or a brighter orangey shade. I’m glad I chose this one, though, because it dries into a beautiful shade that I love.
I also picked up this one in the shade 101 Lolita as it’s a nice dusty pink with some shimmer in it. 
Here’s both of the stain shines in their glossy form, Bonnie on the left and Lolita on the right. Bonnie does look a little bright to begin with but is much more wearable once patted in and then once it becomes a stain.
Once they’ve become a  stain. Obviously this is with my hand as a base, so it’s much paler than lips will be. But these colours are just beautiful (and took some serious scrubbing to come off my hand!)
This is the Rouge Caresse lipstick in ‘Tempting Lilac’ I absolutely love this and I want more more more of these products. The wash of colour is just gorgeous, it applies so smoothly and the colour is even which is something that is sometimes hard to achieve with sheer lip products. And oh my gosh is it moisturising! I love this shade, too, it’s just a lovely pinky colour, nothing too bold or in your face, it will go with most looks and is so wearable. Can you tell I love this?

Here’s a swatch. I know it doesn’t look like much but it’s just an absolute pleasure to wear! 


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