Glossybox UK – May 2013 2nd Birthday box – Unboxing

Wow, it’s Glossybox’s second birthday and they’re really having fun celebrating! Check out their facebook page to see some fab giveaways!

My box arrived this morning and I was really excited to open it, expecting amazing things from a second birthday box, especially as last months box was so impressive.

They’ve done a great job with the tissue paper, a lovely birthday design and a bright pink ribbon with a number 2 sticker to hold the paper closed – Pretty, stylish and very in keeping with the birthday feel. 
And here’s what I got – And interesting mix of things from some great brands and some brands I’ve never heard of before, some skin care, some beauty and some body care. A very interesting mix indeed. 

This is a sample of Givenchy’s ‘Noir Courture Mascara’ – It’s a 1.5g little tube with the brush in the handle, I’ve never had a mascara sample like this but it’s definitely a good idea. It’s a teeny sample but then the full sized 8g product is a rather pricey £22.50 so comparatively it’s not a bad sample at all. 

I’ve got lots of mascaras and I doubt I’ll be able to afford this even if it was the best thing I ever tried but I am intrigued by the different shape of the wand on this so I’m looking forward to giving it a go. 
Next up is a lovely 15ml bottle of Caudalie’s ‘Divine Oil’. If you have seen my previous posts you’ll know I got a bottle of this in the Caudalie must haves set (Post HERE) so I am already familiar with the product. I’ve not used it yet but I have smelled it and wow it smells amazing! It’s a bit of a shame so have such a great sample being something I’ve already got but never mind, I now have double and it’s something I expect to really enjoy using. Full sized bottles of this can be bought for £16.20 or £24.30 for 50ml and 100ml respectively, from Feelunique. 
This little tub contains Beautiful Movements Cosmetics’ ‘Prime and Create Mixing medium’ which is a totally new kind of product to me. The gb booklet says that it can be used as a normal primer but that it can also be used to mix with other products, for example to turn a powder blush into a cream tint and other things beside. I’m not sure how adventurous I’ll get with this as I’d be worried about breaking my products but this does sound quite fun. It also contains aloe vera so it should be good on the skin. This tub is 2.5g and the full sizrd product is 20g for £20. 
I was quite pleased to get this shade of Nails Inc polish, it’s ‘Portobello’ and it was the other option of shades in the CEW box by LIB; I got the pink shade which is lovely but I much prefer this orange. These are listed as Neon shades and I’m not totally sure they are; they’re lovely and bright but they’re not quite neon. I do really love Nails inc polishes, though, and am really pleased with the collection I’m building up. Can’t wait to try out this pretty colour and think it’ll be a lovely summer shade. This is a 4ml sample and a full size nails inc polish is 10ml and retails for £11. 
The last sample product is Premane’s ‘Harmony Balm’ – The GB booklet says that it’s both a primer and a skin protector plus it has some fantastic ingredients to help with any breakouts we might get (I get plenty!) – It doesn’t smell very strong and it is something that I am looking forward to try. This sample is a 10ml jar, the full size is only three times bigger at 30ml and retails at £26.50; making this quite a good value sample, though an expensive re-purchase if it is a miracle for your skin! 
This months little extra is mini nail fails in a matchbook style box. I’ll definitely throw these in my travel makeup bag as I get broken nails alllll the time (due to them being soo weak) so it’ll be nice if I’m sat somewhere and can file them down before they get any worse. A nice, handy little extra. 
This box didn’t wow me at first but the more I look at the products the happier I am with them – The two brands I already own will be lovely additions to my collections and the other samples make some really interesting new finds. 
Happy second birthday Glossybox, thanks for a fab box! 


  1. Polymnia S May 13, 2013 / 12:36 pm

    wonderful post! I am very interested in the mascara and the primer! Let us know if they are worth buying! kisses from Greece

  2. admin May 16, 2013 / 1:43 pm

    Thanks for the comments, everyone

    Yeah, I like the sample just because it's different, Amy! I'll check out your post now 🙂

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