Graze box – Breakfast – Porridges

One of the friends I’ve made through playing Tiny Monsters, which I mentioned a short while ago, posted a photo of a yummy looking porridge that he said he got from Graze’s new breakfast range.

I love my Graze boxes so, of course, I was intrigued!

He, very kindly, gave me a code to get a free box of their porridges and they arrived the other day.

Included in my box I got Walnut and pecan and apple and cinnamon which both came with a little side of honey to add into them, plus I got hazelnut and flame raisin and blueberry and lingonberry. I had the walnut and pecan one this morning and it was rather tasty, there were lovely chunks of the nuts in it and the honey added to the flavour really nicely. It was soo easy to make and although it only makes a small amount I didn’t feel hungry again until lunch time.

Once we move out I might not be able to afford it but I definitely plan on getting these at least one more time – My boxes cost £2.99 and I’m getting them once a month so one special porridge a week!

AND if anyone is interested, send me an e-mail via the address on my Contact Me and I’ll give you a code to get a box free yourself! (You do already need to be a member of Graze box to get a free box I believe)

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