Kids are flippin’ funny #25

Oh dear…

Ever since I was pregnant I did my absolute best to curb my bad language and have done really well with it, if I may say so myself.

Even when The Boy is in bed, curse words only slip out sometimes, more often the not I carry on with the ‘Oh goodness me!’ or ‘For goodness sake!’ which are the most child friendly exclamations that I can think of.

More recently I’ve been saying ‘Bottoms!’ though and, as far as exclamations go, it’s pretty tame and it does mean that if I let it slip in front of The Boy it’s not bad.

And I have let it slip, only once or twice, but I now have a three year old who exclaims ‘Bottoms!’ if his car falls off the table or something doesn’t work properly. Ok so it’s not bad, and it’s really rather funny… but oops hehe


  1. Dany Szelsky May 8, 2013 / 12:56 pm

    "Bottoms" is such a cute exclamation :3 I can imagine that hearing him say that is quite funny indeed

  2. admin May 8, 2013 / 1:07 pm

    Hehe it is rather cute, as far as exclamations go. You have to imagine it sounding rather british, too, lol

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