Kids are flippin’ funny #28

The Boy is developing such a sense of humour, I love it! It’s easy to see that he’s grown up in our sarcastic, jokey household as his ‘jokes’ are a bit daft and deliberately silly.

The other day Grandma and I asked what he wanted for dinner, he was adamant that he wanted ‘Elephants’ or ‘Bertie the bus’ – He was, of course, laughing like a loon, but he managed to keep the ‘joke’ up for quite some time.

A couple of days later and I’m getting him dressed. I ask where his socks have gone as I’m Sure that I had put them down just next to where I’m sat. The Boy, though, bursts out laughing and shrieks ‘They’re in bed!’. And, of course, they were.

Mm he’s a real comedian this child…

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