LIB – Latest in Beauty – Summer Lovin discovery Box

Oh yes, more news from Latest in Beauty! You know I’m a massive fan of their samples and their boxes so it should come as no surprise that I am really tempted by their new ‘Summer Lovin” box!

As it happens I won’t be buying it (Insert appropriate sad face) – Although there’s some amazing items in there I’d have three or four duplicates if I got it and, even though the items that wouldn’t be duplicates are amazing, it just seems silly to buy something where I’d end up with two of soo many things!

But I’m still sharing because I want to make sure you all get a chance to check out this amazing collection – There are Two full size Bella Pierre products in it, worth £29.99 and £12.99 each, which more than cover the cost of the box, not to mention all of the other fab goodies inside!

Take a look, HERE, it’s £14.95 incl p+p and the contents of the box are worth Far Far more than that!

If the Summer Lovin’ box doesn’t take your fancy then there’s also their free delivery option for this bank holiday weekend, there’s a possibility that a couple of the luxury samples may become mine!

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