Mini Asos haul

Asos did a 24 hour sale, last week, on various beauty products. I was going to share it on here but I had such a busy day and once I got The Boy to bed, tidied, had dinner, had a bath etc. there would have been very little time left for anyone to take much of a look.

There was a lot of brands but, even though we’re not surviving on nearly nothing now, I’m not going crazy with spending and just getting cheap bits and bobs here and there most of the time. So I just picked up a couple of Rimmel bits that I wanted to try anyway, but thought to get them now whilst there was a saving (Unfortunately I couldn’t get the bronze scandaleyes because I spent too long umming and ahhing about ordering that by the time I went back it was out of stock)

I picked up the Rimmel Metal rush polish in ‘Pearly queen’ – It’s super pretty lilac colour with a pearlescence that shines a goldy green colour in the light – a pearlescent sort of duochrome way. It was really tricky to get the camera to pick it up, but towards the centre of the top of the bottle you can see the shimmer of the green. It’s a very sheer colour so it takes a few layers to make it look really nice. I don’t know if this would be to everyone’s taste but I, personally, love it – It reminds me of an opal nail polish I had by stargazer in my teens.

I also picked up the Rimmel BB cream in Light. I have been using the garnier one, which I like but it’s a little too yellow toned. When I put this on the back of my hand it looked much more pinky toned but when I put it on my face this morning it still seemed a little dark. I’m going to have to use it again a few times to make a real decision, though, because with BB creams you can often keep blending and get away with a slight shade variation (I can get away with the garnier one sometimes) – But we’ll see how it goes. It’s nice that it has an spf of 25 in it and it did leave a nice feeling on my skin when it went on. My skin still feels quite smooth but is starting to be a little greasy, but then it has been almost 12 hours since I applied it.

I was also quite impressed as Asos also put a Garnier moisture match sample in there which has three of their different moisture match sachets in it. I like it when a company sends free samples, even on a super cheap order like this – I got the nail polish for £2.50 and the BB cream for £4.50 so £7 in total – Another great sale and great customer service, Asos, thank you!

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