Mini Superdrug Haul – Barry M Sequin paint, Revlon lip butter, MUA Power pout

Just a quick post about some products I bought recently when Superdrug had free p+p on their site. I love free p+p on sites like that, meaning you don’t need to spend over £25 and you can just pick up the couple of bits you want that’re always out of stock in your local store.

I was, actually, only going to buy the one item, but I’ll explain how the other two came about when I talk about them.

The reason I was making the order in the first place was for the Revlon Lip butter in ‘Tutti Fruity’ – I have wanted this product for what feels like a long time now (It may not actually be that long thanks to my traitorous brain, but it feels like it!) – I like the lip butters, the formula isn’t Exactly as I hoped but they are lovely and creamy and I just can’t get enough of that cocoa buttery scent and a lovely wash of colour. I previously had Candy Apple and Raspberry Pie which are both beautiful but both quite pigmented and colours I’ve not worn so much since the weather warmed up. And in steps Tutti fruity. 

On the lips this colour is just stunning, I’ve worn it both days since it arrived and I think this may well be my ‘spring summer’ colour along with a couple of other products. Love, love, love this and it’s made me remember how much I love the lip butters. I normally find it hard to justify the price tag on these, but I got this reduced to £5.99 which is much more reasonable, gotta love a good bargain!

The reason I allowed myself to get the MUA power pout is because I had won £4 on a scratch card and I’ve wanted to fill out my power pout collection ever since I got the first two. I ummed and ahhed about which shade to get next and decided upon ‘Rendevous’

I went for this one as I don’t have many nudes and this has a lovely pinky tone to it so it shouldn’t be too pale and wash me out. The Power Pouts are a bargainous £3 each and they’re currently in the 3 for 2 MUA’s website, or online and in store with superdrug (Though superdrug’s is for all make-up so everything in this post would be included) 
The last product I got was the Barry M Sequin paint in shade 3. 
I just had to order this as I’ve been so excited about these (And it turns out these aren’t supposed to be out until the 15th?!) – Unfortunately these polishes aren’t what I was expecting. I thought they were going to be a speckle type polish but it turns out that as well as the glitter, this also has texture grains in it so it’s speckle but also textured and I’m not a fan of textured polishes.

For those who do like them, this will be fab, but it’s just not for me – I’ll have to wait for that perfect speckle polish to find it’s way to me another time. (These are £3.99 on the superdrug website, but as I said, they’re not meant to be out until 15th May)

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