New MUA purchases swatched – Merged shadows in Legendary, Gel liner in Tribe and Power pout in Broken hearted and Justify

Long title, I know, but I want to make sure people know where to look for these swatches, these are some, understandably, really popular products at the moment and it’s so important to check out swatches before you make a purchase. I am going to work on getting some ‘worn’ swatches, mostly on the lip products, but it’s a work in progress. But, before I go off on another ramble, here are the swatches from the haul post yesterday.

Merged eye shadow trio in Legendary – I’ve enlarged the photo but it would be best viewed enlarged further (click on it for bigger viewing) – These shades are really pretty, full of shimmer and nicely pigmented (even the paler shades). You can see, in the photo, how nicely they catch the light, especially the pale pinkier toned copper on the left. I like all three shades, though, and they all work separately as well as together. 

I don’t wear eye liner a lot these days, but I’ve been really enjoying playing around with some green and blue shades of khol pencil that I have which is what led me to want to try out this gel liner by MUA in the shade ‘Tribe’. These liners are really good, they are very creamy and once they dry they stay put really, really well. I love this shade and I think I’ll be wearing it a lot – I’m going to try to post a look with this so you can see how well it works actually applied. 
I bought this pencil liner to go with the gel liner above. The turquoise shade goes perfectly with the Tribe liner and the pencil applies really easily. You’d expect a £1 eye liner pencil to be hard and scratchy but these aren’t at all and they go on really well. I have used this to accompany the gel liner, in the water line, and sometimes to fill in gaps where it’s harder to use the gel product. I’d definitely recommend using these two products together. 
This is the MUA Power pout in ‘Broken Hearted’ – It’s a gorgeous, pale raspberry shade. It applies nice and sheer, though can be built up, and I really like the formula of these pencils – I’ve been wearing them a lot as the range of shades works well with a variety of looks. 
Lastly I have the Power Pout in ‘Justify’ – I was hoping that this shade would be more orange (surprise surprise) but it’s, actually, a really lovely shade even though it’s more of a reddy/pinky/orange. It’s really easy to wear with a variety of looks and just adds a simple wash of colour rather than anything too dramatic. It’s the one that I’ve worn the most out of the five that I have. 


  1. Claire Brownbill May 20, 2013 / 11:35 am

    I've been wanting to pick up the power pouts as of late! Trying to expand the lip products I use!

    If you would like I have a bunch of reviews of MUA products on my blog 🙂

    • admin May 20, 2013 / 11:42 am

      Definitely worth trying them out 🙂 I wear them a lot when lipstick is too much work (most of the time)

      Oh cool, I'll take a look 🙂

  2. Toothfairy May 20, 2013 / 9:32 pm

    Lovely stuff you got there! I have the eyeshadow trio, the gel liner and the broken hearted lip pout and I love them!!
    Take a look at my blog as well if you like 🙂

    • admin May 20, 2013 / 9:42 pm

      They're so good aren't they 🙂

      I'll take a look 🙂 xx

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