‘Story Time’ at the Library

We live in an area which is quite a distance from town so it’s not been entirely easy to get to groups and things so The Boy has mostly socialised with the friends we already have plus his cousins and other family. But Grandma found out that our local library had started, a few months ago, doing ‘Story Time’ so they decided to pop along and see what fun was happening!

It was so lovely, they read two stories ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ and ‘The Gingerbread Man’, they played with instruments and did singing and dancing, and they also did some crafty stuff too. 

Oh yes, I won’t lie, a little tear came to my eye when I saw this. Might be daft but this is the first thing he’s made at a ‘group’ in a more educational setting, so it reminded me how grown up he is getting.

But anyway. The Boy and grandma had the most wonderful time and they’re going back next week. A lot of the children were younger than my little money, they were two’s where he’s three but that’s to be expected seeing as he’s not at nursery yet but he had a lovely time with the other children and came home talking about everything they’d done.

So, for a free, fun, activity. Check out what events your local library run – It’s amazing what you can do for free, I’m so glad my mum found out about this particular group and I’m so glad they’ve started running it too. 

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  1. Dany Szelsky May 22, 2013 / 8:12 pm

    aww so nice! I love those reading groups, I think they really encourage reading habits and having a good time with new friends 🙂


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