Time to get organized and start writing some reviews

Because beauty is still, relatively, new for me I’ve been wanting to make sure I try products out for long enough before I start trying to really review them. This is why I do first reaction posts, and some swatches and the likes, but tend not to end up doing a more full review.

So, I think it’s time I start doing more and let you all know what I think of products after I’ve been using them rather than just at the beginning. Some of them I will have covered just fine when I did the first reactions, there won’t be much more to say, but there’s definitely going to be lots of posts where I can go into more detail.

The other thing that’s been holding me back is photos. Obviously 99% of my time when there’s daylight around is spent with an, ever so slightly, crazy toddler so it can be tricky to get photographs done. So I want to spend some time working on some good photographs for the review posts. Though that also includes getting the confidence to do more photographs of the products actually applied, ek, yeah.

Lastly, I’m also planning on trying to make sure I use up samples and things. I’ve become a bit of a samples hoarder from magazines, from freebie sites and of course from my beauty boxes, so I want to try and make sure I get those products used up.

So, to sum up, watch this space! More reviews Should follow!

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