Tiny Monsters – Competition Win

I’ve been meaning to do a post about the games which I love playing on my tablet, but I keep ending up having other posts to do first and they keep being put on the back burner. But one of the games is by a company called TinyCo and it’s the game Tiny Monsters – You have habitats with your monsters in, you breed them together to make hybrids, you farm food for them and you collect money etc. It’s similar to lots of other games of the same format but it’s totally addictive – I love my monsters! I think I’m definitely going to try and get some proper posts written up about this game, and others. I know I tend to write about beauty and family stuff but I just want this blog to be about me, and there’s a rather big part of me that’s a massive geek and silly games caters towards that part, somewhat.

This sort of game is a Massive step away from the console and pc gaming I used to do, but I tend not to have enough time for that sort of gaming anymore whereas this style game, on the tablet, is just a bit of fun to fit in during the day. I do look forward to a time where I can get back into gaming again, though. But I digress.

I haven’t won much, competition, wise, this year (as I haven’t entered as many as I’d have liked) but I was lucky enough to win a really fun Tiny Monsters note book!

Isn’t it cute! I love the baby fire and water monsters playing on the front. It’s still in the plastic at the moment as I want to keep it nice but I might well end up being a notebook for planning blog things in. I’m so glad I won this, it’s something I wouldn’t really have been able to own otherwise and it’s just crazily cute.

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