I was so pleased when I got two Color club nail polishes in June’s Birchbox and I couldn’t wait to try them out. I wanted to do something creative with them pretty quickly but I’ve had a run of icky headaches which has stopped me from doing as much as I’d like.

As such it’s taken me a bit longer to do something arty and pretty, but here’s what I did in the end.

The image may be best viewed in full, if you click on it it should enlarge. 
Please forgive the dry skin/cuticles around my thumb, I’ve no idea what’s going on with it.

But I was really pleased with this! I alternated the two colours on each finger and then decorated the thumbs, I would normally have opted for one thumb and one ring finger for decorating but both of my ring finger nails are pretty short at the moment so I went for both thumbs. 

The bright apple green shade is called ‘London Calling’ and the bright pink/lilac colour is called ‘Pardon my french’ and they’re both Birchbox exclusives.
On each thumb I did a nail stamp pattern in a pretty, summery flower pattern, in the opposite colour to the base. I then also found a fimo flower to go with the pattern colour as best as I could. The flowers weren’t quite as easy to work with as they have been previously because they tried to curl up a little and lifted some of the polish that they sat on, but I think I managed to sort it ok – considering I’ve not done a lot of nail art for quite a while I’m quite pleased with the outcome.

These are the new MUA bits I have from my lovely lovely blog swap with Fiona from ‘The Beauty Fiend’. I was photographing them pretty quickly when I got everything out as I was hurrying and just too excited so I thought I’d do a proper post with some swatches for you all.

These are both from the new line of blushes by MUA and they’re beautiful shades; the pale pink on the left is ‘Candyfloss’ and the peachey shade on the right is ‘Cupcake’. All of the single, powder blushes are priced at £1 each.
In the same order (this time), these are the blushes swatched. 
I really like both of these colours, I’m loving my peach, orange and coral products at the moment and Cupcake is a lovely one to add to that collection, being a soft and subtle shade that I think is just gorgeous. Candyfloss is a lovely shade, too, it’s a soft pink but with that hint of brightness too, I’ve not tried this one yet but I think that both of these will be gorgeous this summer. 
This is the merged, baked shadow trio in ‘Theatrics’ – Fiona got me this because she saw that I had the first three and thought this would complete my collection. I wasn’t planning on buying this any time soon as I don’t wear colours too often on my eyes but I’m so glad that she bought it for me as I really do love the shades. These merged trios are priced at £3.
I know that these aren’t particularly opaque but they’re gorgeous shades and I think they’d be quite buildable. The left shade is a dark green colour which has cream veins running through it and it transfers into a nice, smoky green when on the skin. The middle, purple, shade is a darker tone than I expected but it has a beautiful amount of shimmer to lift it a little. The shade on the right really surprised me the most, though, just looking to be a cream and gold mixture it transforms into a gorgeous dirty, antiquey gold colour on the skin; I am absolutely in love with it. 
This one shows you how the particles of glitter can catch in the light. 
As I said, before, these aren’t the most dense colours but the formula is just lovely and I think these are going to be able to make some beautiful looks. Also, because these are baked shadows, they can be used wet in order to make the colours look more intense. This isn’t something I’ve tried and not sure I’d want to as I like them as they are, but for someone looking for something more it might be a good idea to try out! 

I’ve always been a massive lover of books. And I mean always, I’ve enjoyed books ever since I could read and books have always been a huge part of life for me, one of the most important forms of entertainment.

As such, I’ve always read a lot. The past couple of years I’ve been involved in a ’50 books in a year’ group with some, lovely, friends and we all aim to read 50 books in the course of each given year. Normally I reach the 50 and keep going far beyond that but this year it’s been so so weird. I started off the year well but since I’ve been blogging more and since The Fiance moved in I’ve ended up barely reading. It’s felt really really wrong, but as much as I’ve tried to make myself get going again, it just kept not happening. Guess that goes to show how much of my time has gone in to this lovely blog of mine!

But anyway … I’m reading again! I feel so happy about it, it feels ‘right’. I’ve actually gone a bit nuts and read six books in less than a week, just to make up for everything. That’s the other thing that does help, I read Freakishly fast. I don’t have a Lot of time reading but in the time that I do manage it I read a Lot.

I don’t think there’s much more to the post than that, really, but my book collection and my beloved kindle are, finally, getting the attention they deserve. Hopefully there’ll be some booky type posts coming up in the future!

What sort of books do you enjoy reading? Any recommendations?

As you may have seen, if you read my post a few weeks ago HERE, it seems uncertain as to what’s happening in a few days, at the beginning of July. Google have said that Reader is going to be going but that doesn’t necessarily mean that GFC will be going, as some have previously thought.

But, that’s not to say that it won’t go at some point. In all honesty I really hope that Google don’t get rid of the feature – I like how it integrates with the blogger page so that I can see other people’s posts whilst I’m logging in to see my own blog. Plus I have a nice number of followers now, and I really wouldn’t want to lose any of you!

I do think, though, that it seems to be a good idea to keep things on Bloglonvin’ as well updated as possible. As such I’ve just imported my GFC list into my Bloglovin account – It’s a really easy thing to do, once you have a profile just pop into the options (the button at the top which is a heart), settings and then scroll down to ‘Others’ and ‘Import Blogs’ – That way everyone that you have on gfc who’s on Bloglovin’ too will automatically be in your Bloglovin’ reader list!

If you want to make sure that you won’t lose my blog then please do follow me, there’s a button to do so just to the right of every page of the blog. I really do appreciate everyone who reads my blog, I love getting your comments and just knowing that people enjoy reading what I have to say.

I posted, last week, saying that Body Shop had another of their fantastic sales which was 40% off and free p+p including items which were already in the sale!

Of course I had to pick a couple of bits up, seemed wrong not to!

Believe it or not I got all of this for a little over £10! The Rainforest Radiance set including two 60ml bottles of shampoo and two 60ml bottles of conditioner and a detangler comb cost me £2.20, the Born lippy balms (in toffee and in pink berry) were £1.80 each. I also picked up their eye shimmer powder in the shade copper for £1.20 and the Moroccan rose body butter was £3. They also threw in a free sample of the rainforest moisture hair butter. From what I’ve worked out these bits would have cost me over £30! 
Some other good news for those of you that haven’t been able to order, yet, is that the sale has been extended until the 30th June so if you pop on the website and use the code EXTRA TREAT you can get 40% off and free delivery.