Beauteco box – Beauty box unboxing – June 2013

You may have seen my post last month about one of the newest beauty boxes on the scene, Beauteco. I wasn’t able to buy a box last month but, thankfully, I was this month because, wow, the choice of things available for this month is fab!

And, yes, for those who aren’t familiar with Beauteco and the way that they work, I Did say choice! If you take a look at the link HERE you’ll see what the three ‘menus’ for this month are. There’s only a couple of variables but it does mean that there is much more of a chance that you’ll be able to get a box that’ll suit you.

I do enjoy the surprise of other boxes, not knowing what I’m going to get is great. But the practical side of me has to say that knowing just makes so much more sense. The company are talking of implementing a feature so that you can ‘pause’ your subscription so that you don’t get every month if there isn’t a box you want and that means even more choice.

I love my other boxes, and am very sad that this is my last month of Glossbox… but I can, honestly, say that 4 of the 5 items from my Beauteco box have gone straight into my active collection rather than just going into my boxes of ‘to try’ samples, whereas with my other boxes (other than LiB collections) I tend to have one, maybe two, items that go straight into my every day use stuff and the rest gets put into my samples collection.

Anyway, before I fill pages and pages of babble, here’s what I got in my box!

Lots of skincare, something for the hair and a nail polish – Not the Most varied contents But I am so happy with it. 
First I got this nail polish by Headline Colours and it’s in the shade ‘Spotlight’ – At first glance I wasn’t too sure about this shade but when I really looked at it I was so pleased. It’s a really dark grey metal colour, but with a slight hint of purple to it. It’s not translated too well in the photograph but it’s a really, really nice colour and nothing like anything I’ve got already. I can’t wait to try this out as I think I’m going to love it. This is a full size, 10ml product and retails at £9.
Amie is a brand that I’ve been really wanting to try. It’s the face mask I really want to get my hands on but I was just as pleased to try another item from the range after hearing such good things. This is the ‘New Leaf’ exfoliating polish and it’s a full 75ml which retails at £4.95. It has mango butter in it and you can really tell from the smell, it is soooo nice smelling! The formula also feels quite creamy so, hopefully, this will be nice on the skin. 
I was really pleased to see this in the boxes, I’m getting a nice collection of Balance Me things which, considering they’re a little out of my price range, is working out nicely for me! This is their ‘Wonder Eye cream’ which I am looking forward to trying as I’m definitely on the look out for a good eye cream. I squeezed the tiny bit out of the tube (Didn’t want to waste any!) and it didn’t seem super thick but that’ll only be really possible to tell when using it properly. It has that nice herbal scent to it and it sunk into the skin really nicely. This is the 10ml sample but the full size is only 15ml so it’s a really good sample size – The full sized product retails at £20
This was the least appealing product, for me. I could’ve got something different but it would have meant getting a different organic surge product and I didn’t want to do that. I will try these out, though, the concept is good and I like this sort of thing, it’s just unlikely to be something I’ll be able to afford, or inclined, to repurchase. It’s the Inner Me ‘Lustrous Locks Capsules’ – There’s 28 in there but you’re meant to take 2 a day so it only lasts two weeks – It contains minerals which are supposed to help your hair from the inside and I definitely will give this a go, it just wasn’t a product that made me go ‘Wow I Need that box!’ – The retail price for these is £15.
And this is the reason that I chose the third box option. As you may have seen, I’ve recently got into Organic Surge and I am loving them so so much so I was really pleased to see them pop up in this box offering. The other two boxes offered their facial wipes or a creamy cleanser – I already have the wipes and I really do have a Lot of cleansers at the moment. This, on the other hand, is their ‘Super Intensive Daily Moisturiser’ and I had been really regretting not picking this up in their sale. My skin doesn’t tend to need such a super strong cream for day-to-day but I do, from time to time, get some super dry patches and this stuff is just perfect for those (It worked on the gross dry skin around my nose, already!) – It’s got a gentle, pleasant scent and it’s so so thick, almost as thick as one of the more solid body butter formulas you might find. This is the full sized product and sells for £8.99 – I anticipate this becoming a skin care essential for me.

As you’ll see, if you’ve made it all the way to the bottom, this box was fantastic. The overall value of the contents is almost £50 which is fantastic for a box of this price. I’m so impressed with the brands that are, already, on board with Beauteco box and I really look forward to seeing what they have to offer in future months!

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