Birchbox UK – June 2013 – Unboxing

I re-subscribed to Birchbox after my birthday subscription ran out, I was, thoroughly impressed with the contents of the boxes, so it seemed worth keeping on getting them whilst I can.

As such, after really enjoying my Glossybox this month, I was really, really hoping that Birchbox would be able to make me pleased with the decision that I made.

Oh, did they?

Oh YES, they did.

This is the obligatory holding image so that no one has to see the contents of my box if they don’t want to. The theme this month is festival chic hence the beautiful image on the front of this months mag. 
Birchbox have, also, undergone an image change this month. My box arrived in a bright, corally orange box this month rather than the standard pink and, as you can see from behind the mag the border and writing on the box itself is white rather than pink – I wasn’t sure I’d like the change but I think the box looks much more classy now.

And, even the little drawstring bag has had a change, rather than bright pink it’s a soft linen colour and rather than being a stiff, plasticy feeling fabric it’s just beautifully soft and feels like outstanding quality. It has the new designed logo on it in a soft, mint colour which, again, is just so classy looking. 

These things may not matter massively but these are just little touches that make me, constantly, impressed with Birchbox as a brand.
Anyway, onto the contents of my box! 

Oh yes, your eyes are not wrong there Are Two Color Club polishes in there! 
But, let’s just take this one item at a time. 
This first item is Beauty Protector ‘Protect and Detangle’ leave in conditioner. There’s a massive list of uses for this product on the side of the box from detangling, protecting from the sun, smoothing, locking in colour and More! I think this is a product I’ll leave for when my hair is a little longer as I don’t get a lot of tangles yet, but this seems like a fantastic little product. It’s quite thick and smells just lovely. It doesn’t say how big this sample is but the full size is £15. 
I was quite pleased to see this in my box, it’s a 7ml sample of Coola’s Classic face spf 30 cucumber moisturizer. I do already have an spf face product but it’s an spf50 so I’m saving it for some super hot weather, so this can be used between now and then (well maybe not Now when it’s cloudy and gross, but you catch my drift) – The full size of this is 50ml and retails at £26. 
This is a sample bottle of Noble Isle’s Bath and Shower gel in ‘Willow Song’ it’s got a lovely, natural, gentle floral scent to it. I don’t Need any bath and shower gels but I will use this and I think this’ll be a nice little bit of luxury to try out. This is a 30ml bottle, the full sized version retails at £20.
Wow, aren’t I glad I didn’t opt for the eye liner pencil in my

Glamour magazine this month! This is the Model Co black eye liner pencil, it’s a full size and retails at £14 (though is currently a freebie with Glamour) – If it’s anything like the texture of the lip definer I got in the Glamour it’ll be a really good, high quality pencil and it can go in my backup stock.

And, then, yes, the Two Color Club mini’s in shades exclusive to Birchbox. There’s a range of four of the minis and I have the shades ‘London Calling’ (the bright pastel green) and ‘Pardon my french’ (the bright pastel purple) – I, simply, cannot wait to try these out, I love the shades, being pastels but also bright and vibrant. I’m pleased I got the two colours that I did as I have one similar to the corally shade and the other shade looks nice but these two are much more what I’m in to at the moment! I’ve already got plans for the mani I’m going to do with them. These are 7ml bottles, a full sized bottle would be 15ml and would retail at £10. 
I’m, utterly, thrilled with the mixture of items in my box; plenty of beauty plus some skincare, haircare and a bath and body product, the best possible mix. The eye liner isn’t thrilling but I will use it, same with the shower and bath gel, the other items are things I’m really excited about and just can’t wait to try. The value of this box seems great and just, all in all, fantastic! Another month well done Birchbox! 

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