Collective MUA haul – With swatches

I realised, the other day, that I’d bought a couple of bits from MUA here and there but never enough to bother doing a proper haul post. I took a look at what I’d got and I think it’s enough things to deserve its own little haul now!

Got two of the new powder blushes, a cream blush, a glitter polish and one of the regular polishes. I also have an eyebrow pencil but that’s not in this photo for some reason, there’ll be a photo below, though.

These two are really pretty shades. The normal polish is from the £1 range and it’s in the shade ‘Bright Coral’ and I love it – My collection of coral polishes is pretty big seeing as it, not long ago, was non existent! But this is the darkest of the ones I have and I really do think it’s stunning. The other polish is one of the Fairy dust glitter polishes in the shade ‘Rose Dust’. I have the purple one of these and I really like the type of glitter so I think I’ll enjoy this one too. The glitter polishes are £2.50 but at the time of writing this they’re on offer for £2.

And these two, beautiful items, are from the new range of powder blushes. I’m really impressed with these, the formula is really nice, the pigmentation is great and the shades are just beautiful. Oh and don’t forget they’re an absolute steal at £1 each. On the left is the shade ‘Bon bon’ and on the right is the shade ‘Lolly’. I do want to get more shades but, for now, these two are serving me very nicely.

Here’s a swatch of them both. I managed to forget which order I photographed them in so these are the opposite way around with Lolly on the left and Bonbon on the right, Sorry!

But aren’t they just soo pretty! 
I really like these cream blushes, again the formula is just lovely. I know that some cream blushes can be a bit too oily on the skin but these have a ‘drier’ feel to them and they go on so nicely. They’re £2 each and are in gorgeous colours. This one is in the shade ‘Dolly’ it’s quite an orangey shade, which doesn’t seem to show in this photo but is more evident in the swatch below: 
I really do love this colour; it’s a lovely balance between a more orangey tone but still having that, more natural, pink in it.
Lastly I’ve picked up one of the brow pencils. This is in the shade ‘Brunette’ and sells for £1. I am pretty lazy with my brows and tend to just set them with the MUA clear mascara but when I do fill them in I use the Pro-Brow kit which is great but, sometimes, just takes a bit longer than I want. Which is where this pencil product comes in. It’s pretty simple and easy, pencil on one end, a little brush on the other. The brush is really handy and the pencil is really really soft and easy to apply; you do need to be quite light with it if you don’t have super dark brows as it can be a little Too easy to apply, but it’s not hard to get the hang of. 
Pretty much what you’d expect from a product like this, but it works nicely and is such a bargain at £1. So glad I, finally, got around to picking this up! 


    • admin June 23, 2013 / 10:45 am

      Me too, always so pleased with the quality xx

  1. admin June 23, 2013 / 11:40 am

    However not?! You should try and get your hands on some! It is a gorgeous shade, I have lots of corals but it's still different from all of the ones I have

    Thank you! Have followed back on gfc (will be syncing my gfc list with blog lovin soon so I'll move everyone across!) xx

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