Empties Post #2

Firstly, YES, I probably should have done an empties post sooner. I kept thinking there wasn’t enough to do a post and then suddenly the whole of boots was in front of me – ooops! You might want to get comfy. maybe grab a cuppa, because even if I manage to keep this brief (for once) this could be a long one! 
Yeah… oops.
Right, let’s get the boring stuff out of the way, first, at least then we’ll be five items down and… lots left to go!

These are all pretty self explanatory, two deodorants, a shaving foam, nail polish remover and heat shield. 

Shaving foam is shaving foam, I have a backlog, it does what it’s meant to it’s neither the best nor the worst it just works. 
Nivea seem to be my favourite deodorant but whether or not that’ll stay that way, who knows! I’d like to get something a little more ‘friendly’ as I know there’s some nasties in some of these but I don’t know enough about it yet and definitely lack funds for spending a lot on something this basic. 
Nail polish remover? I get boots essentials one – It works. It smells bad, they all do, it works, I go through this a LOT. 
The one that I have most to say about is the Boots essentials heat shield spray. I hate it. I bought this a very very long time ago when I knew even less than I do now, it was the cheapest and that was all I cared about – As such I’ve often gone without using a heat protector on my hair, but then I don’t even use heat on my hair that much! But this stuff just stank of alcohol and was nasty – I now have the Vo5 heat spray stuff which smells heavenly in comparison.

Left – right we have Nivea Daily Essentials moisturiser, Next Chocolate frenzy raspberry truffle body wash, Next Chocolate Frenzy Chocolate Chili body scrub, Dove Nourishing oil care express treatment conditioner and Lacoste ‘A touch of pink’.
The Nivea moisturiser is the one for Normal & combination skin – I am still not sure what skin I have, it can go whatever way it wants depending on what I do to it so combination seems to fit! This stuff had spf 15 in, it didn’t smell offensive and it was cheap cheap cheap. I think I even got it on offer for 2 for £5 or something as daft as that. I haven’t repurchased it as I have loads of other products to use and, as easy and simple as it was, I want something that I feel is ‘doing’ something, something more ‘active’. 
The two Next products were from my ‘Shopping my stash’ post from aaages ago. I have been struggling to get things used as I have soo many nice bath and body care products that I find it hard not to just use the ones that I really love. But I did use these and they were nice enough but nothing special. The scrub was a bit weird and sticky but it wasn’t the worst ever. These were part of a set I got for xmas a while back and as far as sets go it’s nice, they have pleasant chocolate’y scents and they do a good enough job – They don’t hold a candle to my favourite products though. 
The Dove conditioner is something I got as a free sample in a Boots order, I think, and I really liked it. It smells nice, it felt really really nice and I felt like it did some good things to my hair. It wasn’t a life changing product but to go from using just basic products to that was a nice change. I’ve not bought a full size of this as I have a few other hair care things I’m trying out at the moment, but if I don’t find something that really wow’s me then this may well be worth a repurchase.

The Lacoste perfume is OLD. My nan used to get me perfume every xmas, and some birthdays too so until I had to ask people to stop buying them I had a Lot and I never really chose them myself. They’ve always been nice scents, though, and this was pleasant enough to use. It’s not really a very ‘me’ smell but then I’ve had it for so long that I probably didn’t really have a ‘me’ scent back then! 

Ooh now you’re talking! Oh yes, a hoard of Soap and Glory goodies were used up this past couple of months! There’s Face Soap and Clarity face wash, Glad hair day shampoo and conditioner, Make yourself youthful eye cream, Night in shining armour night cream, Righteous butter and a Supercat eyeliner pen. 
This was my second tube of the Face soap and clarity face wash and I really liked this product – It has little pink beads in it and it lathers up nicely. The beads don’t scrub in a harsh way like other exfoliators do but they just rubbed much more gently. I felt like this did make a nice difference to my skin, I’m not sure that it’s ‘the one’ so I’m trialling a good few other products at the moment, but this might be something I’ll come back to if I don’t find something better. This is something that has utterly transformed skin for some people, though, so it’s worth a try in case you’re one of them! 
The glad hair day hair products were nice, they had a fresh and fruity smell which was similar to the signature S&G smell, though not identical. I felt that they washed my hair really well but didn’t do anything ‘extra’ and after a while I do think my scalp started to dry a little, but then I wasn’t using any nourishing products which I think would’ve definitely helped counteract this. I probably won’t repurchase these because, as much as I liked them, they’re about £5 a tube and even in 3 for 2 that’s much more than Vo5 or something similar in one of the bargain shops. 
The ‘Make yourself youthful eyecream’ is the first eye cream I ever properly used (Oh how I Wish I’d been using these products for many many more years!) but this was a nice cream, it was thick enough to feel like it was adding extra moisture and care to the eye area but it still rubbed in nicely when you worked it into the skin. I think it’s impossible to say whether or not an eye cream really works because, unless it’s one of the ones that temporarily does something to the area, it’s not an instant thing but an ‘over time’ thing. I definitely thought this was a good product, but, as with so many other things I’m trying out other things at the moment so I haven’t re-bought this particular one. It lasted me a year, though, and I was really really impressed with that. I’m currently trying out the ‘Fill monty’ cream by S&G and I like that a lot too. 
The night cream is going to read similar to the eye cream, really. Nice and thick, lovely formula. Does it work? I don’t know, but I am glad I was using it and will definitely carry on with night and eye creams now, even if not these exact ones. 
And, oh, to the Righteous Butter. I would like to think I will Always own this product (You hear that S&G please make this product Forever!) I love this stuff soo soo much. This was a 300ml tub and it lasted me aaages – It’s a really thick body butter that smells utterly, utterly divine as it has the original pink scent which is so recognisable as a S&G smell. Some people say they don’t like the butter as it doesn’t sink in quickly enough but I find that it sinks in fine as long as you follow the guidelines and apply it to damp skin – I don’t use this as a daily moisturiser, I have lotions for that, but this is probably my favourite product for getting out of the bath. I’ve not repurchased this since it ran out because I already have one of the 1ltr tubs and a 300ml tub so I won’t need to repurchase for quite some time! 
Lastly, the supercat eye liner pen. This was the first ever eyeliner pen that really worked for me. Now I still don’t wear eyeliner a Lot because my eye shape just doesn’t quite work with it as I’d like, but when I do, this pen does what I want it to. I know you’re not meant to have products like this for a super long time (hygiene wise) but I had this for over a year and it worked like a dream. I’ve been seeing/hearing lots of people recommending this product and I really do know why, it’s good! 

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  1. Claire Brownbill June 5, 2013 / 2:39 pm

    Wow what a lot! I've been doing product empties and I try and take a picture fter its used then throw it away and put it on a draft blog post to force myself to remember to do it! I love the Soap and Glory brand I so want to try more!

    I find I use up so much more products in the Summer, no idea why!


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