Glamour’s July issue – Freebies and some good reading

Yet again I’ve really enjoyed sitting down for a good read of my Glamour mag this month. I do enjoy other magazines, still, but this is definitely the one for me, the variety of beauty, fashion, celebs and serious articles works a lot better than a lot of other magazines do and it just seems to work (for me anyway).

This month is very focused on their ‘Woman of the year’ awards so there’s various front covers featuring winners from different categories.

There’s, also, some fab freebies, too. They’re all by Model Co. and there’s a khol eyeliner, a lip liner/enhancer pencil, two different shades of lip gloss and a mascara. And to top it all off, this months issue is only £1!!!

I, initially, went and bought one with the peachy coloured lipgloss but, after pondering a while, I went back later on and bought one with the mascara and one with the lip enhancer too.

I did get a bit concerned that buying three was really bad, it seems like such a waste of paper. But I chatted with my mum about it and she reminded me how many magazines just get sent back and, as I used to work at the garage where I bought them, I knew she was right. So I justified it that way. Plus they will go into recycling. 
But, freebies aren’t the only thing to look out for in this issue, the articles are really worth a read too. I do, sometimes, feel a little like the writers at the magazine forget that not all of us are high flying, go getting career women… but aside from that the majority of the articles are great to read and often really informative. In this months there’s a really important article discussing the issue of rape. It’s a fantastic article and, although it’s hard to read, I recommend you do – The writer is fantastic in showing the indignation that all of us should feel about the fact that women seem, so often, to get blamed for rape; that the focus is so often placed upon women not ‘doing enough to prevent it’ when, in truth, the only people who can stop it happening is the rapists themselves. It goes into Much more than that but I think it’s an important read because so many people, men and woman alike, discount a lot of rape stories because they assume they’re just ‘crying wolf’ but in there there’s some statistics about that and you may be surprised.

But anyway. To end on a lighter note! Glamour are doing a collaborative beauty box with Latest in Beauty, soon, and seeing as I love Glamour and I love LiB, you can safely assume that you’ll be seeing a write up of the box in the coming days!

There’s some fantastic freebies with mags this month, definitely worth checking them out. I’ve been really tempted but been good and just stuck with Glamour (I say I’ve been good, see aforementioned beauty box references!) 


  1. Kate Musgrove June 10, 2013 / 5:06 pm

    Instead of the lipstick and dvd treat for the walk I decided to get the box! I'm on a spending ban after all so the lippy will just after wait. I think I deserve a little treat walking upstairs is like running a marathon and I had to go buy compeed today my blister is Huge if I'd of worn thick socks had to been fine – trainers are a little big but the smaller size was to small. Trust me to be awkward big skinny feet and an awkward fit lol. I'm excited for the box to come really good stuff £65 worth for less then £15. Xx

    • admin June 10, 2013 / 5:14 pm

      Definitely a good idea, instead of a couple of things you're getting loads and it's a fantastic box! The eye liner is amazimg, it's black with gold shimmers in it – Mine came this morning so my post is going up tomorrow. I didn't get a coral polish, though, I got their signature Revlon red, bit of a shame as I was looking forward to thw coral but it's a really nice red.

      I'm not keeping the lashes, either, they're going to be a freebie in, my blog swap as she uses lashes from time to time – They look really nice, though! Xx

    • Kate Musgrove June 11, 2013 / 6:49 am

      I don't tend to use lashes either in fact the whole thing scares me a little but there's a first time for everything. When did you order yours? I ordered mine on Sunday was only time I managed to sit down and properly read my Glamour magazine whilst trying not to fall asleep. There's a few higher end products in there, that I'm dying to try but can't really justify the prices at the moment with a shed load of expensive stuff to buy. xx

    • admin June 11, 2013 / 8:34 am

      I ordered it thursday or Friday before I got Glamour because LiB gave some clues about it and I googled it, I bought it pretty early on heh. Utter LiB addict

      It's a really really good box, just so many good things in there xx

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