Kids are Flippin’ Funny #32

It was my Mum’s birthday today (on the day of writing this) and so her husband wanted to go off to town to buy her a bunch of flowers. Of course, The Boy did not approve of Grandad going somewhere without him, little dictator that he is, and when he found out that Grandad was going to buy flowers for Grandma, he wanted some flowers too!

Grandad promised to bring him back a flower but because of The Boy’s rather teary attitude to everything, today, he cried like his heart was broken when Grandad left and needed to snuggle up on the sofa with Mummy and watch some happy telly for a little while (Needless to say Mummy quite enjoyed the snuggles as we’ve not done that for a while)

When Grandad got home he was brandishing a massive, gorgeous bunch of flowers for Grandma… and an individually wrapped mini bunch of three flowers for The Boy! There was one, very happy toddler in the house this afternoon!

We unwrapped them and put them in some water in a latte glass and they’ve been sat very proudly on the mantle piece where The Boy can look up at them and be happy, and show them off to anyone who comes into the vicinity – I love the joy that the smallest things can cause to someone so little.

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