Kids are flippin’ Funny #33

One thing you never expect to hear is ‘I’ve got dipping sauce in my bottom… it’s for later’.

In fact, when The Boy walked into the room and said that the other day The Fiance and I just sort of looked at each other for a few seconds before bursting into laughter.

Turns out the little monkey had stolen a tub of garlic and herb dominos dip from the kitchen counter and had put it in his ‘pocket’ as he called it, which actually translates to down the front of the dungarees that he was wearing which means that it was, in fact, resting against the front of his nappy. Pretty logical explanation for one of the weirdest sentences uttered by… well anyone.

He then proceeded to hobble up and down the hall way until the dipping sauce fell down the leg of his dungarees and on to the floor… at which point he’d start all over again. He laughed, the whole time, it’s great what amuses these funny little people. (The sauce had to be taken from him in the end as my utter disgust regarding white sauces was in overdrive imagining the vileness of what would happen if he trod on the thing)

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