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Latest in Beauty started posting some teasing hints about this box a short while ago and the moment I worked out there was some sort of collaboration between LiB and Glamour I just knew that it was going to be good things!

So… when the LiB team on facebook posted that there was exciting info in the new Glamour mag I went straight out to try and get a copy… and it wasn’t available in either of my local shops. But, fear not, Google is my friend and within ten minutes of getting home I had this fantastic box ordered! In fine Latest in Beauty style, the box was here in great time and arrived yesterday – I was not disappointed!

Just look at this massive box of goodies! Hard to believe that this cost as little as £14.95 including p+p! 
It’s showing up a little orangey in this photo but as you can see from the pic above this is actually a lovely red colour. I was expecting a coral colour of Revlon’s polish but I got their ‘Revlon Red’ instead and, although I was looking forward to the coral shade, I’m quite happy with what I’ve got. It’s one those really timeless reds when it comes to nail polishes and I used to have red nails a Lot but have got out of the habit. I’m wearing this polish as I type and it was such a dream to apply – Revlon polishes are astounding, really. These polishes retail at £6.49 so that’s already a pretty good value for such an affordable box. 
Next up is a sample size of Benefit’s ‘The Porefessional’ primer. I am really enjoying using primers at the moment, the way they make the skin feel and the ease of which make-up applies over the top of them. I already had a sample of this primer but haven’t got around to using it yet but I think it’s about time I did considering the reviews I’ve heard. These samples are 7.5ml and a full sized tube is 22ml which retails at £24.50 so when you scale that down to about a third this is of a value of about £8 (wow!).
This one isn’t really a necessity for me because I have a large batiste, a standard and a miniature already but never mind, this will still get used! Not much to say about it, really, I like this dry shampoo it works nicely on the day leading up to or day before you plan on washing your hair – It does the job. These minis (50ml)  normally sell for around £1.50. 
I was really rather excited to see a Stila glaze as an addition to the box! I have some tubes of Stila glosses which I got from a bargain site which I like but there’s something special about getting a more current one in the proper pen style. I really like this sheer, bright berry colour as I think it could really work for all seasons. I applied some earlier and it’s really quite pigmented and it feels gloriously thick and luxurious without being at all sticky. The shade name is ‘Tropica punch’ – There’s 1.5ml of product in this and the standard size is 2.5ml so it’s over half of the full size. A full size Stila lip glaze retails at £15 so this would be worth more than about £9 – Yup, we’re well, well over the value of the box already! 
I have a few accessories from ‘The Vintage Cosmetics Company’ thanks to other LiB collections and I really rate their quality. I really wanted a new pair of tweezers, too, so these were a nice addition to the box. They have a slanted tip and they feel really, really well made. It’s not exactly a necessity but it’s rather nice that they’re pink, too, ek when did I become such a girl! These retail for £7.20 on feelunique but are sold out and are £8 from the official Vintage Cosmetics company site
I didn’t pay much attention to shade names when I was drinking in the exciting image of the content of this box so when this arrived and was in the shade ‘Golden Black’ I was a little surprised. This is the L’Oreal Paris ‘Super Liner – Gel Intenza’ and even the box makes it seem like a lovely high quality product. It comes with a really nice, soft brush and it’s in a small glass jar. As I was expecting a standard sort of shade I was pleasantly surprised to open this up. 
You can sort of see the golden shimmer, click on the image for a better look. 
This product retails at £8.50 from feelunique or £9.99 from Superdrug. Yet another high value product – so so impressed LiB! 
Can’t say I was crazily excited about the Frizz Ease (sorry John Freda!) – In the past I may have been as I used to have such frizzy hair but these days it’s in considerably better condition that I don’t feel like I’ll get a massive amount of use out of this. But I will try it out, I’d like to see how it does and, also, now that I’m growing my hair I’m expecting it to get more flyaway so this may come in handy yet. This is the original formula and it’s 25ml retailing at £3.99
I’m not a lashes girl. In fact, up until more recently, I wasn’t even a mascara girl. This is, simply, because I  am very lucky to have long, thick, dark lashes so I don’t feel a massive need to boost them a whole lot more. The moment I ordered the box, though, I e-mailed my lovely blog swap partner, Fiona at The Beauty Fiend, and asked if she was likely to make use of them and, yay, she is so they’re going into her box of goodies as a freebie! 
Not knowing much about lashes, these look quite nice and natural to me so if I were to try them this would be the sort of type I’d go for. They’re by Jinnylash and I believe the style is their ‘Natural Glamour‘ – They come with a little bottle of lash adhesive and they retail at £6. 
This is a 10ml sample of the Ginvera ‘Green Tea Exfoliating Marvel Gel’ – I’ve heard some good things about this and am looking forward to trying it out. I’m really enjoying skin care at the moment and if this does what it is said to then I could find myself loving it quite a good deal – The full size of this 60ml and costs £22 which makes this sample worth about £3.50. 
I just can’t say enough good things about this box. In fact Latest in Beauty has just been one of those brands I love more and more the more I interact with them. I’ve had some amazing buys from them, their facebook team is utterly lovely and there’s just such a lovely feel about the company all in all.

This box, though, offers such a great variety of products, hair care, a little skin care, accessories and make-up – The price is just astounding considering it’s worth more than £55 (by my calculations, slightly different from LiB but of course they’ll be going from a more standard set of rrp) – But who cares, the value is astounding and for someone who wants even a few of these products it offers a fantastic saving.

Well done, again, LiB and well done Glamour magazine – collaboration from heaven!


  1. Karen Humphries June 11, 2013 / 12:58 pm

    Thanks for the review. I'm picking up my box from the post office tomorrow as I missed my postie yesterday! I'm like you & probably won't use the lashes. I'm hoping for the coral shade of varnish rather than red

    • admin June 11, 2013 / 1:45 pm

      Hope you enjoy the box and get the shade you want.

      The red really is lovely, it's grown on me loads, it's got the lightest hint of shimmer to it, not to make it glittery but just add a radiance.

      Even taking the price of the lashes out it's a fantastic box which is why I ordered it even before I knew someone else would have them – I'm sure they'll make a lovely gift to someone 🙂

    • admin June 11, 2013 / 3:59 pm

      It's fab! Enjoy! Xxx

  2. Fiona Sykes June 12, 2013 / 12:20 pm

    Ooh the lashes look gorgeous! Really natural! 😀 I'm excited now! I actually love the look of everything in this box, considering ordering it for myself! :p xx

    • admin June 12, 2013 / 12:28 pm

      Glad you like them, had an inkling you would.

      Heh I think it's well worth pausing a spending ban for, it's one of those bargains you'd be gutted to miss! Another lady I know who's on a spending ban is getting it as her one allowed spend during it hehe xx

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