May 2013 Favourites

Yup, I’m a few days late. I’d explain why but it’d be pretty pointless. It is, though, safe to assume that my favourites posts will almost, always be late!

Firstly, there is No skin care this month – I’m in a bit of a limbo this month so there’s been no stand-out products, hopefully by next month I’ll have settled on some favourites. 
These are (kinda) my body care things, I know that the lush scrub isn’t, really, but it fits (almost). 
Firstly is the Soap and Glory ‘Smoothie Star’ body milk. The smell of this stuff is Heavenly – It has almond, cocoa, yogurt oats and honey in it and it, basically, smells like cake/biscuits. I have been loving this scent for a long time but used it a lot more this month. It goes very nicely with one of the other products I’ve got in my favourites. I use the S&G lotions as more of a daily product, whereas the butters are a more intense, after bath/shower, product. 
The photo of the Dr Organic Virgin Coconut oil makes it look barely used but this product is a ‘little goes a long way’ product. I had, actually, only used it twice when I took this photo but I love it That much that it’s a favourite – The first time I opened it I just sat there smelling it for So long because, as well as the coconut, there’s such a mix of ingredients in this fantastic product that it smells a little fruity, so the mixture of the two makes it smell like malibu… mmm. And, as well as the smell, of course, I really love how nicely this product works, I’ve used it on the body and in the hair and it’s fantastic. I’m planning on doing a proper post about this in the future. 
This is a second product that hasn’t been used to death but it still Has to be a favourite and that’s the Body shop vanilla body mist. This stuff smells divine and is a fantastic product to use on days when I’ve used the S&G product above, the two just make you smell like a bakery. The scent lasts for ages and is strong enough that you get a whiff throughout the day. Not to mention the nostalgia it brings me, I used to use an older version of this years and years ago, real nostalgia hit. 
Lastly, for this section is the Lush bubblegum lip scrub. You’ll have, undoubtedly, heard a lot about this product so I won’t say much other than the fact that I Love love love using it! I plan on doing a proper post about this sometime, too. 
I, finally, got my hands on Seche vite top coat and that was bound to be in the first favourites post I did since its arrival because it is just as good as everyone says and as I hoped. I’ve been having a nightmare with my polishes bubbling and that’s not happened at all since I’ve been using this, not to mention how nice and quickly my nails can be done – Fantastic. 
I use lots of different eye primers and I, really, can’t decide which one I prefer. I do, definitely, like using primers, though. This month I’ve been using the Soap and Glory eye primer a lot, though, and I’ve been really enjoying it. It seems to dry a lot quicker than other ones I have and is just a little less greasy. 
The MUA merged shadow trios just Had to be included in this months favourites; they’re so lovely. I’ve been using cream shadows a lot, still, but I’ve made more of an effort to try to use some of my powder products and I’ve really loved using these two. I have ‘emotions‘ and ‘legendary‘ and the shades are so so pretty. 
Lip products have been allllll about moisture and simplicity for me this month. My favourite pencil products have still been featuring highly but they’ve been in posts already so I’m just going to focus on the two in the photo above – The Revlon lip butter and the Loreal Rouge Caresse lipsticks. I love both of these products, so much; the revlon product isn’t quite as soft and smooth but it’s still so nice to wear and I love the cocoa butter scent they have. 
It’s the shade Tutti Fruity that I’ve been wearing this month; if you’d asked me a couple of months ago if I’d own a lip product quite that orange I’d not have believed you but I Love it. In the Loreal lipsticks I’ve got ‘Tempting Lilac‘ and ‘Dating Coral‘ which are really nice, sheer shades that are easy to wear most days (they also smell like sweets, yum). 

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