MUA – FashionistA – Customizable palettes – Blush and eye shadow with swatches

You might have had an inkling that I was interested in what would come with the MUA take over of FashionistA so it should come as no surprise that I have some lovely products to show you already!

I was going to wait to pick up some of the customizable palettes, but the offer that is available at the moment was just Too good to ignore. You can fill a four piece palette with shadows, bronzers or blushes (or a combination of all) for just under £7 and you can fill a six piece for just under £10. This is an amazing offer when you consider that that includes the, very nice quality, palettes and a really decent amount of product in each pan.

So, without any further ado…

I picked up a four palette and a six – The four is filled with three blushes and a bronzer and the six is for shadows. I don’t, really, know why I chose the red rather than the black, I just think it looks nice and stands out really nicely. I definitely won’t be loosing either of them amongst my collection. The palettes feel really sturdy and well made and they have a nice, big mirror in the lid, the same size as the lid – Would be perfect to use for travel – I think I’d click all of mine out and do a two shadow, one bronzer and one blush in the four palette if I wanted to use it for travel (That was all I was going to get at all to begin with, but you know how these things happen…)
So, here are my shadow shades. Shocker, I went for neutrals, but I also added in a pretty deep red/brown to change things up a little. I’ve got two merged baked shadows, the top left and bottom left, and then the other four are normal single shade shadows.

I’m including this photo as the change of angle helps you see the two far right shades in a better light, so pretty aren’t they. 
The shade names are ‘Bella’ which is the baked with white and gold, ‘Nude Glimmer’ which is just a nice shimmery nude, ‘Subtle Glamour’ which is a lovely shimmery taupe/mushroom, ‘Gold Rush’ which is a medium brown baked, merged, shadow with veins of gold in it (It didn’t show up too well in the photo but it’s gorgeous), ‘Foxy’ which is a medium/dark brown with gold shimmer and ‘Sultry’ which is the deep red/brown.
And here’s my bronzer/blush palette. I tried to get the palest, matte bronzer I could, and then a range of shades of blush, the bottom left being one of the merged, baked ones. 
Top left is the bronzer in ‘Paris’ which is a pale, matte shade. The top right shade, the paler pink which is matte with only a tiny hint of glitter to it (it swatches darker than it looks) is called ‘Blush’. Bottom left is ‘London’ a merged, baked peachy pink shade with pink veins in it (it’s more peachy than shows in the photo) and bottom left is ‘Amber Glow’, a shimmery deep peachy, pinky coral shade. 
Here are the swatches which are all in the same order as in the palettes. 

Taken from a couple of angles to see the colours at their best. 
They’re so pigmented, really really pigmented – I was hoping for good things but they were far better than I had expected. The formula is so creamy and smooth and the density of colour is astounding – Very very impressed. 
The bronzer is a little orangey toned but with a light hand I was able to use it as a contouring shade. The top right shade is a little more red toned than I’d expected but I do still like it, it’s mostly matte with a hint of glitter. My favourite is the bottom left, peachy shade which is really shimmery and wears really well. I think the bottom right shade is going to need a very light hand but could be beautiful if worn properly. 
The blushes are really nicely pigmented, too, and will definitely be buildable as well. Again, as with the shadows, very impressed. 
I love the fact that the palettes have circular cutouts in the bottom which makes it easier to take the pans in and out but it also means that you can see the shade name with absolute ease. 
Very very impressed by these and so pleased that they’re going to be so readily available through the MUA site from now on! 


  1. Fiona Sykes June 16, 2013 / 11:40 am

    You picked some gorgeous colours! 🙂 I love that they do 6 palettes now! xx

  2. Kate Musgrove June 16, 2013 / 1:15 pm

    Ohh I really love this. The shades are so pretty and well pigmented xx

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