My first ever blog swap! With Fiona at ‘The Beauty Fiend’

I was really interested when I saw that Kat over at ‘Tales of a Pale Face‘ was organising a blog swap – I’ve enjoyed reading/watching blog swaps and, so, was really excited at the idea of being involved in one myself.

After signing up I got an e-mail a few weeks later telling me that I’d been paired up with Fiona from ‘The Beauty Fiend‘ and straight away we got chatting and reading each others blogs so that we could learn what each other liked.

I was really excited to send Fiona’s package off, so much so that the focus wasn’t on the fact that I was going to receive something myself! Sounds silly but it’s so exciting to be buying things for someone else, and trying to imagine if they’re going to like it, that what I was going to get back didn’t seem to matter!

But… that all changed when my package arrived today! It was Full with absolutely Amazing products and I couldn’t be happier with what Fiona sent me!

Fiona even made it more exciting by giving little clues as to what everything was going to be. Everything was wrapped up, beautifully, in tissue paper so opening everything was like xmas!
Ok, firstly, sorry about the photo I thought it had come out ok but it’s de-focused the top half, grr.
I was, really, excited when I saw what this first package held. Last week I went to poundland in the hope that I could get this Exact NYC appleicious balm in the shade ‘Apple Blueberry Pie’ but my poundland didn’t have it. How perfect, then, that Fiona chose to get it for me in the swap! The pencil is a really cool dark blue, too, it looks black mostly but in certain lights has a flash of blue in it – The shade name is ‘moody blue’.
The second package contained MUA’s merged, baked, shadow trio in ‘Theatrics’. We’d talked about how we both like neutrals but also both want to branch out into more colours so this trio is perfect. I love the other two that I have and so I can’t wait to get playing with this one! She also sent me the MUA polish in Frozen Yogurt. I already have this, in the old style bottle, so am more than happy to get a new one in the new style as they’re so much easier to apply now!
Going on the fact that I love coral and peachy products at the moment Fiona got me these three amazing lip products. At the back is a Revlon gloss in ‘Kiss me Coral’ which is absolutely Stunning, in the middle is a Miss Sporty gloss in ‘Thrill’ which looks really pretty and shimmery and, at the front, is Max Factor Colour Elixir pencil in the shade ‘Subtle Coral’ which is also really beautiful. I am just obsessed with lip products at the moment and not been wearing many lipsticks, it’s been about the balms, pencils and glosses so these are perfect.
This is another instance where we were really lucky. Fiona knew that I wanted to try the new MUA blushes so she got me two in ‘Cupcake’ and ‘Candy Floss’ – I actually already have two of the blushes but haven’t blogged about them yet (they’re going up in a few days in a post) but I got the shades ‘Lolly’ and ‘Bonbon’ so by pure luck Fiona managed to get two of the shades that I don’t have yet! I really love these blushes so am really pleased to have these lovely two shades to add to my collection. I’ll be doing a swatch post for the trio and these blushes later this week or next week.
I was soo excited to open this up as I’ve been really wanting to get some real techniques eye brushes! This is the shading brush and I can’t wait to do my make-up tomorrow (today as this was written yesterday) just so I can try the brush out. She also got me the Miss Sporty single shadow in ‘Emotion’ which is an absolutely beautiful shade.
We both agreed on a few ‘freebies’ that we’d send, some bits we had that we weren’t going to use that were either new or barely used, the sorts of things that would have ordinarily gone into a blog sale, but in this instance wouldn’t come out of the budget. Fiona was rather naughty here as we had agreed Β on the Elf baked shadow in ‘plum’ and the ‘Nearly Naked’ foundation in ‘Ivory’ but she also added in a brand new Models Own polish in the shade ‘Aqua Violet’ (which looks sooo pretty) and some funky nail files too! I can’t believe how generous she’s been and all of these items are just fantastic.
Annnd. Lastly, being the lovely, thoughtful, person that she is, Fiona sent a lovely little present for The Boy! He loves opening presents so was very very excited!

Yup, the post was so exciting he still had his backpack/reigns thing on.

She got him a lovely little colouring book with some crayons, and some melody lolly pops. I remember having the same lolly pops when I was little, tonnes of fun! Needless to say he had to have one Right Now!



And, after having a good go at the lolly he broke out the colouring crayons and did some colouring of Fireman sam!



I’m so so grateful for how fantastic Fiona has been as a blog swap partner. She obviously put a lot of thought into what to get for me, and she did amazingly well with the budget (though I keep wondering how she managed it!) that we set of Β£25 (not incl p+p). And the fact that she sent something for The Boy, too, is just the sweetest thing ever. Thank you, so much. Fiona! It’s been absolutely lovely getting to know you and you’ve made this the best experience, ever. And, thanks again, Kat for setting it up in the first place.

If you want to see what I got for Fiona you’ll have to pop on over to her blog which is linked towards the top of this crazily long post! I believe she’s posting around the same time frame as me, so if it’s not up yet it should be soon.


  1. Fiona Sykes June 20, 2013 / 10:49 am

    I'm so glad you liked everything, and I'm really thrilled with what you got me! My post is up now too so I won't leave too long a comment here haha πŸ™‚ I'm so happy The Boy enjoyed his present as well! He's too cute! xx

  2. Jess | Just Jesss June 20, 2013 / 12:27 pm

    Wow, Fiona chose some lovely things for you!! The Boy is super cute, love his curls πŸ™‚

    Jess xo

  3. admin June 20, 2013 / 12:34 pm

    I class myself as very lucky to have been paired with Fiona, we had the best time and I'm still amazed at her generosity!

    Thanks, the curls are awesome aren't they. He's still going strong with the same lolly, I kept it in a bowl with cling film over it over night as he can't manage a whole one. He likes it so much he's even willing to cope with the sticky! He doesn't like sticky normally lol xx

  4. Tales of a pale face June 20, 2013 / 1:13 pm

    What a fab swap! so glad you both enjoyed it and I bet your little boy loved his treat too πŸ™‚ x

    • admin June 20, 2013 / 1:22 pm

      He really did! Thanks for setting it up, Kat, really appreciate it πŸ™‚ xx

  5. Amy Cameron June 20, 2013 / 7:15 pm

    Such a lovely swap, and it was so kind to get your little boy treats too!
    Melody Pops bring back memories for me! We started selling them where I work and I just had to buy a pack! As a kid I loved them!

    My swap parcel came today and I've never been so excited to receive something in the post! XD

    • admin June 20, 2013 / 9:21 pm

      The fiance and I both loved the fact that they still exist, too. The loony child still hasn't finished his first one, though, lol

      Your post was great, what you got was awesome xx

  6. Amy July 5, 2013 / 6:47 pm

    What a great swap!!!

    • admin July 5, 2013 / 7:22 pm

      We had a lovely time! πŸ™‚ xx

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