My latest free samples; including 295ml bottles of Cetaphil!

This is my second post about free samples. It seems I Might have become a bit of a samples hoarder! Yes… I still have the best intentions of using them and reviewing them. Yes… it will happen. No… it’s not happened yet!

But I’ve had some pretty amazing free samples recently, if you pop back to my last post (HERE) there’s links for the sites that I use which link me to where free samples are available, plus there’s always freebies from magazines too!


This is the main bulk of what I’ve picked up from the aforementioned places, a nice little bundle of free things to try out! Top left is three sachets of the new E45 daily lotion and next to that is a little bottle of Cussons ‘Mum and Me’ emollient bath wash. Below that is a mini tube of Colgate Interdental toothpaste and then below that itself is a sample of Escada ‘Cherry in the air’ and a sachet of Douwe Egberts Caramel coffee.

The last three things are the two sachets of ‘Polar frost’ which is meant to help with pain (so could be amazing for me if it works), three huge sachets of Loriel’s Ever Riche shampoo and then another of the Garnier moisture match sets of samples (I think I’ve had a third of those through the post since then!)

I’m quite pleased with what I’ve managed to pick up for free, I’ll get a good use out of most of them, it’s nice coming across samples that are actually usable.

The massive shock for this month, though, was when I got a package which I wasn’t expecting. Opened it up to find these two, massive, bottles of cetaphil.

These are 295ml bottles from their Restoraderm range, the ‘Skin restoring’ body wash and moisturiser.
Honestly, at first, I thought I’d entered a competition or something but when I pulled the accompanying leaflet out it thanked me for having requested these samples… well if that’s what you call samples! Just wow!
These may actually be amazingly useful for me as part of the fibro can mean getting irritated, sore, itchy skin for no apparent reason. As and when that next happens I’ll be using this stuff to see if it helps.



    • admin June 26, 2013 / 8:02 am

      I've got three or four of the garnier ones, now, so I'll be able to get a really good idea of what they're like 🙂

    • admin June 26, 2013 / 5:28 pm

      Thanks, the tag looks like Lots of fun so I'll definitely give it a go. I've realised I never got around to doing the last one you tagged me in,too, my memory is horrendous, I should do that one as well! Xx

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